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.... continued from EVENTS LEADING TO DEVELOPMENT IN THE U.S.A. OF Achilles Ultimate9 procaine hcl formula.

What Happened to Dr. Ana Aslan

Dr. Anna Aslan was a spry energetic lady who worked six days a week, 12 hours a day, until shed died at 91 years of age.  She directed the Institute of Geriatrics and Gerontology in Romania.  She traveled all over the world lecturing on how to control the aging process right up until her death in the spring of 1988.  She often spoke of her outlook on aging, as one who was ranked with the elderly.  "Eventually we all die," she said to a group, "but with GH-3 we can die healthier.  Aging is like disease, some times you can heal it.  Life can be prolonged and more importantly, these years can be filled with vitality and the joy of life."

Have the Results Been Duplicated in North America?
The following information will give you some important insight of how Ultimate 9 
came to be, and how to place an order for you and your loved ones (including pets).

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Dr. Anna Aslan always wished the United States would take up her work. ACHILLES ULTIMATE9 -  The result of many years of research and testing of Gerovital H 3 (Gh-3) products. This patented* vitamin product incorporates a series of procaine based nutriments (PBN's) which seem to accelerate and improve the feeding of damaged cells.  *U.S. Patents Nos.  5,162,344, 5,283,258, .5,283,068, 5,254,686 and Foreign patents:  AUSTRALIAN Patent Nos. 332917, 046241  CANADIAN Patent No. 2,012,021.

GH3 Injectable procaine hcl Formula ADVANCED 600% to Ultimate9 !

Achilles Ultimate9 procaine hcl formula is the same as the original GH-3 Formula of Dr. Ana Aslan except it is fortified with procaine based nutriments complex. The patented process insures that the capsule form contains the same GH-3 factor as the Aslan injectable GH-3 but in a convenient capsule form.  To increase the activity of Ultimate9, procaine based nutriments has been added to complex more of the procaine HCl.  In the original GH-3 Formula the benzoic acid only complexes and protects 15% of the procaine HCl.  Compounding with Procaine Based Nutriments increases the complexing and protection to 100%.

Ultimate9 has vitaminic complexing agents that keep the
procaine hydrochloride working for many hours in the body.

These replace the bisulfite and benzoic acid which Dr. Aslan used in GH-3. Ultimate9 has the same procaine hydrochloride content as GH-3, which seems so effective in accelerating improved feeding of damaged and diseased cells. Former users of GH-3, who are now using Ultimate9 testify as to its increased effectiveness. In fact, the success statements have been so numerous that for almost any condition there is a basis of reference and often an address and phone number where you can reach the person with the story.

Keep in mind that Ultimate9 is not sold as a cure for anything. It helps body cells take in nourishment better and get rid of waste more efficiently. This gives the cells a fighting chance for survival against the many enemies around them every day. The fact that so many people are excited about what has happened to them is witness the body's ability to cope with health hazards that steadily and consistently attack it.

Ultimate9 is a dietary supplement containing Procaine Hydrochloride complexed with various vitamins and other biologically active compounds. These compounds not only serve to protect the procaine from premature hydrolysis by enzymes in the blood stream, but they also enter the cell with the procaine and help in the repair of cellular damage. These complexing agents also assist the procaine to improve cellular feeding.

Ultimate9 with over 20 years of Case Studies from customers and their pets using the Ultimate9.  And PROTECTED from copy-cats with over $100,000 in US and International Patents!

 CLICK HERE for more current and past Achillian Ultimate-9 Customer feed-back

Original GH-3 Injectable Formula of Dr. Ana Aslan

*Procaine complex factor equals 15%

Patented Ultimate9 Formula

*Procaine complex factor equals 100%

Procaine HCl                          100.0 mg

3 ingredients used to complex / stabilize and protect *15%* of the 100mgs of Procaine Hcl up to 6 hours:

Benzoic acid                              6.0 mg
Potassium Metabisulfite              5.0 mg
Disodium phosphate                   0.5 mg

Procaine HCI                        100.0 mg

8 ingredients used to complex / stabilize and protect *100%* of the 100 mgs of the Procaine Hcl to stay active 6 to 8 hours:

Calcium Panthenate                25.0 mg
Ascorbic acid  (Vitamin C)       25.0 mg
Citric acid                               25.0 mg
Niacin                                     16.0 mg
Folic acid                                  0.4 mg
Biotin                                        0.3 mg
Potassium                               11.0 mg
Magnesium                                4.0 mg

Also contains:
25.0 mg of Green Tea (caffeine free) extract 98%

q.s. excipients for one capsule

                                                      Ultimate 9 dietary supplement contains no milk, yeast, corn or animal products


The Ultimate9 is created as a liquid solution first to form the important complex, then dried to formulate the capsules.  This process can takes up to 3 days from start to capsules.  Ultimate9 is the only formula with a *100% procaine hcl complex*. 

Our great formula just got better! 

New Ultimate9 capsules!

Ultimate 9 capsules now enhanced with the addition of Calcium Panthenate complexed onto the procaine molecules.  Calcium Panthenate aids the adrenal gland that can be stressed by high sugar intake and everyday stress to the body. In addition, a high quality antioxidant, Green Tea (caffeine free) extract has been added to protect the work of Ultimate 9 as it continues to cleanse, feed, repair and extend the life of cells.

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