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The new defense against unwanted parasites - microorganisms.

  • Powerful formula with herbs, enzymes and fibers that support the elimination of foreign organisms and help sweep them away.
  • Two part system: Para-Rid, provides 24 herbs and natural enzymes that specifically target foreign organisms and strengthen the immune system.  
  • Para-Sweep, provides fiber, herbs and specialized ingredients that sweep the colon clean and promote elimination of wastes.
  • All- Natural formula that works gently without any adverse side effects.

 Nature's Secret - Parastroy TM


WHAT ARE PARASITES?  In reality there are few animals on earth that complete their life cycle alone, without the involvement of other organisms.  Just as we rely on living plants and animals for food and nourishment, there are creatures that directly rely on us to survive.  While many organisms that inhabit the human body are "friendly" and live in harmony with our systems, parasites only benefit themselves, serving no helpful function in human health.  Parasites can be divided into two categories:  protozoa, which are single-celled organisms, and helminths, or worms, which are actually multi-celled animals.

Harboring parasites can result in numerous health concerns, ranging from abdominal pain, to fever, loose stool, loss of appetite and weight, weakened immune system, painful bloat ness in the stomach, and extreme fatigue.  In addition, the waste products that parasites excrete can be toxic to the system, causing fatigue, impaired lymphatic function, and irritation of the intestinal lining.

HOW DO YOU GET THEM?  Parasites and worms can be contracted a variety of ways, such as improper disposal of human or animal waste, walking barefoot on contaminated soil, and ingesting raw or partially cooked meat.  In some cases, eggs from parasites may become airborne and inhaled through normal breathing.  Outbreaks of parasitic infestation are often due to poor sanitary conditions and haphazard food processing and preparation.

The Natural Solution
Parastory is the miracle product many have been waiting for. This two-part product is precisely formulated with selected natural herbs and botanicals that stimulate the body's immune system and eliminatory functions, so that foreign organisms in the body can be "deactivated". We've formulated Parastroy with herbs that work, and that have been used for centuries by cultures around the world. By combining clinical experience with the incredible knowledge of plants and botanicals that has been gained throughout the ages, we are committed to providing products that are as effective as they are natural and safe.

The ingredients in Parastroy Program have been thoroughly tested in a world famous nutritional clinic, and comprise the most comprehensive natural approach available, offering natural ingredients that help maintain healthy intestinal flora.

The First Step, Para-Rid is designed to help stimulate the body's immune system and eliminatory functions, so that foreign organisms and toxins can be "removed".

Para-Rid, delivers a blend of beneficial herbs and botanicals that help support the body's natural defenses, and provide natural compounds that interfere with the proliferation of foreign organisms known to occupy the human body. Herbs such as Black Walnut, Cloves, Pink Root, Worm Wood and Worm Seed, are combined with other clinically-proven natural ingredients, including the natural digestive enzymes, Bromelain and Papain. In addition, Para-Rid contains the herb Cascara Sagrada, which speeds up parastolic functions and ensures 2 to 3 bowel movements a day. Fennel seed adds a harmonizing effect, as well.

The second step, Para-Sweep also plays a critical role in moving toxins from the colon and kidneys, while strengthening and balancing the digestive and elimination systems. A unique blend of potent herbs, such as Beet Root, Agar-Agar, Flax Seed, and Papaya Extract are included and have been used traditionally and demonstrated clinically to help bind and remove toxins and foreign organisms that naturally accumulate in the body.


Absorption and harmony In addition, Parastroy is formulated with specific "harmonizing" herbs and botanicals that increase absorption and act as catalysts, so that the ingredients work as a "symphony" together, providing long lasting benefits.
Precision, care, and research Like all Nature's Secret products, Parastroy was designed under the expertise of world-renowned naturopath, who's formulations have become world famous due to their amazing effectiveness and natural ingredients.

Parastroy Program Kit (para-rid & para-sweep) 90+90 Capsule

Description: Parastroy is a two-part product with herbs, enzymes and fibers to help defend against unwanted organisms; Para-Rid which targets foreign organisms and strengthen immune function and Para-Sweep, which cleanses the colon and encourages elimination of wastes.

Quick Review

  • Two-part formula cleanses and sweeps away foreign organisms.
  • Promotes good digestion and immune function.
  • Clinically developed by a world-renowned naturopath


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Nature's Secret - Parastroy TM
Kit contains Para-RidTM & Para-SweepTM - 90+90 Capsule

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