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Respiratory Support & Defense

Healthy Lungs and Bronchial Tract*

Your lungs draw more than 20,000 breaths of air into the body everyday. Yet most of us take for granted how important respiration is to overall health and well-being.  The harmful effects of air pollution, industrial gases and airborne toxins on our respiratory systems is well known.

Respiratory Support & Defense™ is designed to nourish and support the entire respiratory system.* It supplies a robust blend of 14 botanicals including Fenugreek and Marshmallow. Plus it features NAC – a powerful amino acid to help maintain clear bronchial airways and boost levels of glutathione (a major antioxidant for the respiratory tract and lungs).* This formula also provides unique nourishment specifically for the immune system.  This product can be taken everyday for health maintenance or as needed for targeted support.


 Respiratory Support & Defense



  • Targeted formula designed specifically to support the respiratory system: the lungs, throat and trachea.
  • Helps support the rejuvenation of lung tissue and is especially designed for those who smoke, have smoked, or have been exposed to toxins and free radicals.
  • Respiratory Support & Defense™ helps counteract the effects of living in our modern environment, including exposure to toxic carbon monoxide and dioxide, smoke and other airborne poisons and chemicals.


The Natural Solution

Respiratory Support & Defense™ is precisely formulated with selected natural herbs and botanicals that provide the ultimate support for the respiratory system, including the lungs, throat and trachea. By cleansing and strengthening the entire respiratory system, breathing becomes easier, immune function is optimized, and healing can take place.

Many of the herbs in this formula have been used for centuries by cultures around the world and cannot be found in other formulas. This combination of traditional wisdom and conventional expertise is the foundation of our innovative approach to health.


Absorption and harmony  

Respiratory Support & Defense™ is formulated with specific "harmonizing" herbs and botanicals that increase absorption and act as catalysts, so that the ingredients work as a "symphony" together, providing long lasting benefits.


Precision, care, and research  

Respiratory Support & Defense™ was designed under the expertise of world-renowned naturopath, who's formulations have become world famous due to their amazing effectiveness and natural ingredients.



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