Achillian Therapeutic Creme with Procaine HCl

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Increase Emotional Well Being and Immune Sytem with Patented Vitacel GH7 or GH3 Special Formula


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Achillian Therapeutic with procaine hcl complexes


Be Kind TO Your Skin

Give it a treat with Achillian skin creme

  • Moisturizes / SOFTENS
  • HELPS Minimized Wrinkles
  • Helps Nourish and RENEW Damaged Skin.


Achillian creme is an ADVANCED Procaine Hcl Complex Creme with added herbal extracts.

Achillian Therapeutic Creme

All ingredients in Achillian Creme is 100 percent active!  U.S. and Foreign Patents.  


Try it your skin will like it!      Order now     

Achillian Therapeutic FACE, HAND, AND BODY CREME  - 4 oz. Jar
All ingredients in Achillian is 100 percent active!

4 oz.  Suggested Retail: $49.95   


Your Price 4 oz Jar: $18.97

### THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED due to increase cost of raw materials ###


Note:  Since the ingredients in Achillian Creme is 100 percent active, please do not leave the jar open for long periods of time.

 INGREDIENTS - Pau d'Arco extract, Whole leaf Aloe Vera extract, safflower oil, almond oil, cety alcohol, glycerine urea, panthenol, procaine complexes*, stearic acid, allantoin, Emulsor 80, vitamins A,C,D & E, methyl and propyl paraben, Herbal extractives, povidone iodine, and fragrance.   


Achillian creme is a moisturizing, therapeutic blend of herbal extracts, natural oils, vitamins, and procaine hcl complex.* Formulated to make it an excellent all around conditioning creme. Achillian creme not only moisturizes the skin but softens and heals many different types of irritations.

The high concentration of taheebo extract combined with the high concentration of whole leaf aloe vera extract, soothes the skin as it moisturizes and heals. The myrrh extract acts as an astringent and antiseptic to the skin. These combinations of natural healing components make Achillian creme exceptional for chapped, dry, irritated and cracked skin.

The total liquid component of Achillian creme is whole leaf Aloe fortified with the Taheebo extract. This provides an exceptionally high concentration of Aloe Vera and Taheebo.

The Procaine hcl* complexed with the vitamins etc. help to feed and heal skin cells that are damaged by the sun, chemicals, detergents and other materials to which our skins are exposed.

Achillian creme is engineered in such a way as to feed and heal skin cells that are damaged by the sun, chemicals, detergents, and other materials, as well as the environment, to which our skin is exposed. Achillian creme can be helpful to skin that suffers from various types of eczemas, rashes, skin tags etc., as well as healthy normal skin.  


Our most popular U.S. and International Cellular Anti-Aging Formula

Achillian Ultimate 9 for  Men -Women - Dogs - Cats  




with over 20 years of Case Studies from customers and their pets. 

  • REMOVES  Toxins from cells  --  BUILD POWERFUL IMMUNE SYSTEM  
  • IMPROVES:  Transfer of Oxygen into Cells -- Cellular Feeding & Functions
  • INCREASES:   Mental Well Being --   Sharper Clarity Thinking --   Energy
  • HELPS:   Thinning hair, -Aging and damaged cells, Allergies -- Arthritic Joint Relief ...and much more!
  • Aid for troubled skin, hair, scalp and nails!


Achillian Ultimate-9 will catapult your wellness or sports program to a multi-quantum level!  Discover the wonderful benefits of what thousands of people across the globe have already experienced from our Achillian Ultimate-9


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