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Procaine Achillian Ultimate 9 and Gerovital GH3 for PETS  --  Dogs - Cats - Horses - Gerbils

 WHAT IS Procaine

     During the early 1950's a lady Romanian scientist. Dr. Ana Asian, MD, PhD, discovered that a compound commonly used as a local anesthetic was effective in slowing and in some cases reversing the degenerative effects of disease. The compound, procaine hydrochloride combined with other compounds that protected the procaine, making it more effective against disease. This new formulation she named Gerovital H3 or GH-3*. The GH-3 has been used by millions of people around the world with great success.  

*Note: the TRUE "Original Romanian Formula" by Dr Ana Aslan in which *all* her years of scientific research, published books, and world-wide clientele successes ...were based on her properly complexed GH-3 (Gerovital H3) *injectable* solution ...not the mixed powdered GH3 tablets.

Patented Ultimate 9 capsules - an advanced formula of the original GH3 injectable formula

         Procaine is a vitamin. Procaine is made up of two compounds hooked together, PABA a "B" vitamin and DEAE a biological precursor to the "B" vitamin Choline. Many people who used the Ultimate 9 for various personal health problems started giving it to their sick pets. The results have been very positive in effecting health benefits to animals. The Ultimate 9 tablet is made easy to crush, for those discerning pets, that find the tablet even when hidden in their pet food.  Or you may place the tablet on the back of your pet's tongue and gently rub the throat (this works well for cats).

     The original research on these compounds was conducted using animals. The results on the animals were very positive against many degenerative diseases showing the procaine compounds to be effective at promoting cellular regeneration and also effective at slowing down many types of degeneration.

     The disease process is that process that debilitates the cells of an organism. The organism can be our pet or ourselves. Debilitated cells are unable to rebuild, regenerate and repair the damages that occur. Cell debilitation or damage can be caused by dietary deficiencies, dietary excesses, environmental poisons, excessive physical and emotional stresses or by any factor that overloads the systems of the organism beyond their capacity.

      Ultimate 9 feeds the cells in such a way as to help the debilitated cells activate their natural regenerative power.  When this natural regenerative power is restored they are able to correct problems, improve feeding, and restore normal functions. In experiments on rats and rabbits those treated with the PBNs lived 20.1 % longer than the untreated animals. Experiments with cell cultures yield further proof of the regenerating effects of the PBNs.  On an average treated cells lived 20% longer than untreated cells.

Dr. Ana Asian said regarding the results of treatment with properly prepared and complexed procaine.

"One's original vitality returns, and so does one's productivity and creative energy. One's whole organism and appearance, in fact, the patient's total well being stays considerably younger than this person's chronological or actual age."

"In general, one can state that there is distinct slowing down of the aging process. One's health, including one's productivity, is upheld over a longer period of time than can normally be expected.  An overall regeneration is the result."

Dr. Daniel King, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine has researched the effects of Ultimate 9 on animals for two years and has found the results to be as outlined in the following letter. Dr. King's research has been conducted without financial remuneration and at considerable expense of his time and money. He is a true scientist dedicated to the betterment of others and his profession.

     I am writing to let you know that I would be willing to testify in behalf of Ultimate 9. I have used Ultimate 9 in my veterinary practice for two years and I have seen excellent results in pets with a variety of diseases. 

Ultimate 9 is especially supportive of geriatric pets.  A noticeable increase in their activity level is a common observation on the part of the owners. Ultimate 9 has been very effective in controlling degenerative spinal disc disease and arthritic disease in dogs. Ultimate 9 has been very supportive of dogs and cats with immune suppression related disease. I also routinely use Ultimate 9 when treating functional hepatitis in pets. As you know, pets are not responding to a placebo effect: nor are they responding to positive mental attitude. I would be able to collect 10-15 affidavits from clients to support the positive impact of Ultimate 9 in their pet.

     Additionally, I and my family all take Ultimate 9. I cannot imagine not having this vitaminic available to our family. My wife's story alone is quite dramatic. She was not diagnosed with any specific disease, yet she was nearly non-functional for two years.  She was literally on the couch and she did not have the energy to do even routine kinds of chores about the house. Within 2-3 months after starting Ultimate 9, she was beginning to make great strides in her health and sense of well-being. Now, almost two years later, she functions like a mother with a large family.

     Please inform me, if I can be of any assistance to you.

Daniel King, DVM





    Poon, my 5 year old Chinese Shar Pei (the wrinkled puppy) has suffered from skin eruptions and allergies all his life. His medical bills in one year were $2,000.00. His vet calls it an immune system problem. He had weekly shots, daily pills and ointment plus weekly baths.

     Last month, after reading about another pet using Ultimate 9, I started Poon on Ultimate 9 morning and night. Within a week his scratching was subsiding. Within two weeks his skin lesions were drying up and by the end of the month, his coat was filling in. He is on his rest week now and starting to itch again, so I am counting the days until he is back again on our "miracle pill.

Janice Jefferson
Dallas, Texas 75248


          PET TUMOR

     Since taking Ultimate 9, people that haven't seen me for some time comment on how much younger I look. That is good to hear but it is better to enjoy good health and when your feeling better, you look better.

     An unexpected thing happened. My dog is a Min-Pin and he developed a tumor on his eyelid.  I had him examined by the Vet and used his medication for one week and nothing happened.  The Vet scheduled an operation but before it occurred, I read about a Doberman with a tumor on her lip. The owner used Ultimate 9 herself and decided to give it to her dog. The results were excellent. In a few days the tumor shrank in size and some days later it was gone. I tried the same with my dog and in one and a half weeks the tumor was gone. I took my dog back to the Vet and he sure was surprised to see that the tumor was gone. Now we are both looking and feeling good and will continue to do so as we are going to take Ultimate 9 from now on.

Elmer R. Coombs
Ridgefield, CT 06877



I think it is so important to tell you the story of my dog, Little Boy.

About three years ago, he began having seizures. One convulsion was so severe that he threw himself against the piano, permanently damaging one eye and knocking out teeth.

Our veterinarian, Dr. Gerald Brown, put Little Boy on Phenobarbital 120 mgs. He said the dog should have Phenobarbital in his system at all times to prevent Epileptic seizures. Someone mentioned that Ultimate 9 might be beneficial in helping my dog. I have always enjoyed good health, but as a preventative measure take Vitacel daily. I decided to give Little Boy one tablet in the morning and one half the Phenobarbital at night.  I gradually reduced the Vet's medication but maintained his Ultimate 9 intake. Little Boy has not had Phenobarbital for two years - he is totally off of it.

He has had no convulsions in that time and continues to receive one Ultimate 9 tablet daily. He is a small dog, so this is a good dosage for him. At 15 years old, he is active, alert and so healthy. At 75 I too am healthy, fatigue free, and feel like 25. I take 2 tablets a day. I am so grateful that I found out about Ultimate 9, for both Little Boy and me.

Rebecca Love


I should have written this three years ago while Ramsey was alive. This is his testimony. Ramsey was our beloved dog. He was a wonderful old Malamute and weighed 85 pounds. He lived to be 17 and was in good shape until the end. Three years ago I noticed a swelling in his throat, the whole neck was swollen. I rushed him to the Veterinarian, upon examination he told me Ramsey had a large growth that was blocking the air passage and surgery was necessary to remove it. I did not consent to the operation as I felt Ramsey was too old and did not want to subject him to any unnecessary discomfort. Plus, he might not survive the operation. Ramsey and I went home and I decided to do the best I could to make him comfortable.

My mother and I had been using Ultimate 9 for some time. Other than arthritis in my hands, we were both healthy. However, we wanted the added protection that this vitaminic compound could give us. A lady I knew had a dog that developed a tumor and the doctors told her that it required surgery. She gave the dog the tablets every day and in a week it was gone. So, I gave Ramsey Ultimate 9. The swelling went down and the Vet was surprised. After examining him, he told me he never saw or heard of anything like that before.

Ramsey was in a great deal of pain from arthritis also at the time. He had trouble getting up, and when he did, he cried.  He was starting to slow down. After giving Ramsey Ultimate 9 the arthritis was arrested immediately. He seemed to continue a much fuller life, taking long walks through the park up until a week before he died. He still had his hearing and he could spot a rabbit a block away. The veterinarian said he acted like a dog half his age. He took his pill disguised in a piece of liver sausage every day. In March, he stopped eating.  His system just started to shut down in a normal way. I knew his time was limited now. The last day of his life he stared at the light and died peacefully at 4:00 am. A wonderful end at home for a noble animal. No tubes, operations or doctors, thanks to Ultimate 9.

Seventeen years for such a big dog is remarkable, almost unheard of. I really don't believe the quality of his life would have been what it was without Ultimate 9. Oh, by the way, he was
missing only two teeth in his whole mouth, the back ones.

Joanne Laskowski
Chicago, IL 60629


     I cannot sing enough praise for what Ultimate 9 did for my dog. My Vet and I both had come to the end of our ropes in trying to find a cure for her. She is thirteen years old and had developed a skin condition that did not respond to over $100.00 worth of medication and shampoo that we tried on her.

     I was rather skeptical, but knew I had to try something as my dog was daily losing more and more hair and the eruptions were getting worse.

     After only three weeks on Ultimate 9, my dog was completely cured and a full coat of hair was back and real glossy. My Vet was astounded!

     I told a friend of mine about this, as he had a dog who was eleven and had gone through similar conditions.

     I decided that, if it was that good, I would have to try it for myself. I can only tell you that for THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I do not have insomnia and I have a sense of well-being.

     I started feeling better about myself and have opened my own business in the health and fitness industry. I have learned what has been taught for many, many years -- you must take care of your body if it is going to take care of you. You only have one chance with this life so you must learn to make the most of it.

     I have met so many interesting people and have been able to share my experience, and it does my heart good when I see that I have helped even one person....or dog!

Riverview, IL 33569



     My name is Tasha. My hearing and vision are perfect. I'm unable to speak. I bark. I am a Doberman, proud of my appearance and people stare at me in admiration. I have a glossy red coat, bright brown eyes and strong white teeth.

     One morning last year I awoke with what appeared to be a cold sore on my lower lip. It was given special attention but on the third day it protruded like a cork. The three veterinarians that examined me (all being at different locations) diagnosed the growth as a hstiocytoma which is a skin tumor. Surgical excision was recommended. I'm sure you can appreciate how my master and I felt.

    When my master asked if there was any medication available for the tumor, the response was, "Tumors cannot be cured with medicine." She then asked, if we didn't consent to surgery and just left the tumor alone, would it regress. All three vets said it would not regress an it would get worse. My master didn't appreciate that and decided to wait before making a decision. I was happy with that as I knew surgery meant a cut and then a scar.

     Knowing how effective Ultimate 9 had been for her, my master started me on two tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening. On the third day, the tumor had shrunk in half. By the eighth day, it was gone. 

     The first veterinarian was called and asked if histiocytomas ever regress and she said, "No," after which my master explained what she had given me and then asked for a letter showing original diagnosis. Several calls were made before it was sent. What she told my master at the time of the examination was a contradiction to what was in her letter. She was not going to give credit to Ultimate 9, but my master and I can do that.

     I now receive one Ultimate 9 tablet daily wrapped in a piece of cheese. I am, by far, the healthiest dog on the block.

Millie Allan - Chicago, IL 60645


New U.K. customer Dave comments on his 2nd order after trying a 1 month supply of Ultimate 9 for PETS for his cat.  Included in Dave's 2nd order was a 6 months supply of Ultimate 9 for himself !!!

From: Dave R   
To: Achilles Natural Health Mart 1-888-804-4496
Sent: Friday, September 13, 2002 11:51 AM   
Subject: Credit Card Order

Comments:     has worked on the cat he went bald on the back legs, tried your pills his hair has restored not as lush as before but he is no longer bald


"I have just reordered Ultimate 9 and got two bottles this time one for Sammie and one for us. I would recommend this product to anyone, it really works and your service is very fast. Thank you so much for this product."

----- Original Message -----
From: Sharon Holloway
To: 1-888-804-4496
Sent: Saturday, July 17, 2004 5:17 PM
Subject: Credit Card Order - Invoice #18737
I first ordered Ultimate 9 for our Yorkshire terrier whose hair was falling out, she had gotten completly bald on her bottom and her rear legs, no hair left at all on her rear legs and feet, we tried the shampoos and cremes that our vet told us to use with no results at all, the vet wanted to do tests that were going to cost $250, she was thinking some type of cancer. My husband had to retire due to health reasons and we just could not afford to do this but we also had to help our little Sammie, so I put dog's hair falling out in the search engine and that is how I found your wonderful product! Sammie's hair grows slow so It has taken some time but her hair has come back and she seems to feel alot better. I have just reordered Ultimate 9 and got two bottles this time one for Sammie and one for us. I would recommend this product to anyone, it really works and your service is very fast. Thank you so much for this product. 

Sharon Holloway
Gray, Georgia 

Peekapoo dog   Pet Tumor   Canine Arthritis    Canine Epileptic Seizures   Cat with Allergies  


Patented Achillian Ultimate 9 Formula
60 capsules per bottle

Recommended for humans, and larger pets (25 lbs or more) that can take a capsule

Dietary Supplement


Procaine HCI                        100.0 mg
Calcium Panthenate                25.0 mg
Ascorbic acid  (Vitamin C)       25.0 mg
Citric acid                               25.0 mg
Niacin                                    16.0 mg
Folic acid                                 0.4 mg
Biotin                                       0.3 mg
Potassium                              11.0 mg
Magnesium                               4.0 mg

Also contains:
25.0 mg of caffeine free Green Tea extract 98%


Animals under 25 lbs. one-half capsule once or twice daily. Larger animals one or more capsule daily.

Each dose works six to eight hours cleansing, repairing, and feeding the cells.

Original Gerovital GH3 Procaine Hcl Formula in oral liquid.  

Recommended for pets 24 lbs or less that cannot swallow a capsule (including humans).

Gerovital H-3 (GH-3) Liquid :      1/2 dropper  = 1 dose of 100 mg procaine hcl.  The liquid absorbs into the blood stream faster than the capsules, with same potency.  And convenient for small pets 24 lbs or less.  Can be rubbed and absorbed through the skin - cats, birds, dogs, etc.




Original GH-3 Formula of Dr. Ana Aslan

Procaine HCl                          100.0 mg

3 ingredients used to complex / stabilize and protect the 100mgs of Procaine Hcl up to 6 hours:

Benzoic acid                              6.0 mg
Potassium Metabisulfite              5.0 mg
Disodium phosphate                   0.5 mg

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  U.S. Patents Nos.  5,162,344, 5,283,258, .5,283,068, 5,254,686 and Foreign patents
AUSTRALIAN Patent Nos. 332917, 046241   CANADIAN Patent No. 2,012,021

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Ultimate 9 with over 20 years of Case Studies from customers and their pets. 

  • REMOVES  Toxins from cells  --  BUILD POWERFUL IMMUNE SYSTEM  
  • IMPROVES:  Transfer of Oxygen into Cells -- Cellular Feeding & Functions
  • INCREASES:   Mental Well Being --   Sharper Clarity Thinking --   Energy
  • HELPS:   Hair Loss & Thinning hair, -Aging and damaged cells, Allergies -- Arthritic Joint Relief ...and much more!
  • Achillian Ultimate 9 does wonders for troubled skin, hair, scalp and nails!


Achillian Ultimate 9 will catapult your wellness or sports program to a multi-quantum level!  Discover the wonderful benefits of what thousands of people across the globe have already experienced from our Ultimate 9


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