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Feeling Super GREAT, Energized and build Strong Immune System with Patented Vitacel GH7 or GH3 Special Formula - Brain and Body Cell Food!
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Increase Emotional Well Being and Immune Sytem with Patented Vitacel GH7 or GH3 Special Formula


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 Original Gerovital GH3 Procaine Hcl Formula for those that want Dr Aslan's Gerovital H-3 with the same 15% complex factor in a convenient oral liquid or capsule!

All our procaine supplement formulas have the proper complex / bonded compound, increasing effectiveness from 48 minuets non complex procaine (those odd hard sugar coated procaine pills = zero complex) to 6 to 8 hours with our properly compounded procaine hcl.

Original Gerovital GH3 is the same as the original Gerovital H3 (GH3) Formula of Dr. Ana Aslan.  Manufactured by using a patented process. The patented process insures that the oral form contains the *same* complex (GH3 factor) as the Aslan GH3, but in a convenient liquid or capsule.  The original GH3 formula's complex protected 15% of the 100 mg of Procaine HCl. 

Gerovital GH3 Formula uses procaine HCl as a source of the"B"vitamin (para-aminobenzoic acid) and DEAE (diethylaminoethanol), a precursor to the "B" vitamin choline. Procaine HCl is used because of the unique quality which the molecule exhibits, of being able to transfer through the damaged membranes of sick (diseased) cells. The procaine HCl increases the electrical potential of the plasma membrane and the other membranes of the cell as well as supplying nutrients that are essential to initiate repairs.




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 Contains no milk, yeast, corn or animal products




Gerovital GH-3 procaine hcl supplements

Original Gerovital GH3 oral liquid


  Dr Ana Aslan Original Gerovital Gh-3 procaine

             Original Gerovital GH-3 capsule


From: Mereva P

To: AchillesHealthMart.com 1-888-804-4496 10-4 TX CST

Sent: Monday, May 22, 2017 8:09 PM

Subject: Credit Card Order - Invoice #2015274001

Comments: I ran out of Ultimate 9 Plus!! Big mistake. I am soo "frozen." Turning my head takes effort! Hopefully, never again. I think I need the liquid, first, then the caps. Thanks for being and thank God!  Seattle, WA  customer since 01/2015




"My hair and nails are growing so fast..."


From: Cindy G

To: AchillesHealthMart.com 1-888-804-4496 10-4 TX CST

Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 2:37 PM

Subject: Credit Card Order - Invoice #2015274579

Comments: GH3 is a good product and I like the fact that you can mix it in your beverage of choice.  My hair and nails are growing so fast, I have to trim my bangs at least twice a week or more.  I also have noticed that with the warmer weather and the GH3 in combination with Ultimate-9 my arthritis is tolerable.  Can you come up with a GH3 margarita flavor?  Just kidding, love the product.    Cindy G#####  Camas, WA  customer since 10/2010




"I am able to feel the difference in energy levels if I don't take them"



From: cheryl K

To: AchillesHealthMart.com 1-888-804-4496 10-4 TX CST

Sent: Monday, July 03, 2017 11:06 AM

Subject: Credit Card Order - Invoice #2015276776

Comments: Wonderful product. I am able to feel the difference in energy levels if I don't take them.Have been a satisfied customer form many years.  Plant City, FL  customer since 02/2011




From: Michael T

To: AchillesHealthMart.com 1-888-804-4496 10-4 TX CST

Sent: Monday, July 24, 2017 4:22 PM

Subject: Credit Card Order - Invoice #2015278410

Comments: Have purchased before, but usually in larger quantity when you had available.  Cherry Valley, CA  customer since 07/2013



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Original Gerovital GH-3 capsule formula  60 caps = 100mg Procaine HCL complex per capsule


Gerovital H-3 (GH-3) capsules :  1 capsule = 1 dose of 100 mg procaine hcl



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 Original Gerovital GH-3 oral liquid formula  2 fluid ounces 60 ml = 60 doses / 100mg Procaine HCL complex per dose.


Gerovital H-3 (GH-3) Liquid :      1/2 dropper  = 1 dose of 100 mg procaine hcl.  The liquid absorbs into the blood stream faster than the capsules, with same potency.  Also, convenient for small pets 24 lbs or less.  Can be rubbed and absorbed through their skin - cats, birds, dogs, etc.



Retails $26.97


Your price: $18.97


2 or more @ $16.97 each

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Ultimate-9, our third generation procaine formula with a patented breakthrough that provides a 100% procaine complex factor (100% procaine is active 6 to 8 hours, instead of 48 minutes or less), utilizing the same 100mg of Procaine HCl in the famous Dr Ana Aslan's Gerovital H3 (15% complex factor) without the use of allergen preservatives.


Discover for yourself why over 35,000 Gerovital GH3 clientele have already switched to this patented breakthrough.



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