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Feeling Super GREAT, Energized and build Strong Immune System with Patented Vitacel GH7 or GH3 Special Formula - Brain and Body Cell Food!
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NOTICE of why we no longer sell Gerovital H-3 on our online store as of May 17, 2019:



Gerovital H-3 can no longer be sold on this web store per our merchant bank's request.



Friday, May 17, 2019


Dear long time customers of Gerovital H-3 capsules and oral liquid,


It saddens us to tell you that our "current bank" has requested that our "oral" Gerovital H-3 (GH-3) supplement be removed or we lose our merchant account.  


"The bank has requested either the product is removed by end of day or the merchant needs to be closed and placed on MATCH." ....Another words black listed so we cannot get another merchant account.

Our long time standing with our same online credit card merchant account goes way back to Feb of 2002, in excellent standing. Which obviously has nothing to do with the removal of the Gerovital H-3, a vitamin product that we have been selling since the early 1980s.  

Oral Gerovital H-3 is not a drug or medicine, but is a vitamin/dietary supplement here in USA.

The orally taken Gerovital H-3 is a vitamin supplement, and is NOT classified as a pharmacutical drug or prescription drug, also no prescription is required to purchase it.  The FDA lost that battle in a federal court many years ago...A federal court in decision June 17, 1994, US vs Rodger Sless/TMI "classified GeroVital H3 as a dietary supplement" (1)

Our "oral" Gerovital H-3 product, which is classified as a dietary supplement (1) and Protected by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.  A federal court in decision June 17, 1994, US vs Rodger Sless/TMI classified GeroVital H3 as a dietary supplement (1),  But, that doesn't seem to matter with certain entities or those 3 letter agencies that fear consumers becoming healthy, naturally with one of the best quality supplements on the market.  Who are they protecting, certainly not the American people.

(1) A dietary supplement is a manufactured product intended to supplement the diet when taken by mouth as a pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid.  A supplement can provide nutrients either extracted from food sources or synthetic, individually or in combination, in order to increase the quantity of their consumption. The class of nutrient compounds includes vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids and amino acids. Dietary supplements can also contain substances that have not been confirmed as being essential to life, but are marketed as having a beneficial biological effect, such as plant pigments or polyphenols. Animals can also be a source of supplement ingredients, as for example collagen from chickens or fish. These are also sold individually and in combination, and may be combined with nutrient ingredients. 

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