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Feeling Super GREAT, Energized and build Strong Immune System with Patented Vitacel GH7 or GH3 Special Formula - Brain and Body Cell Food!
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Feeling WELL
Increase Emotional Well Being and Immune Sytem with Patented Vitacel GH7 or GH3 Special Formula

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Cell Life Extension and Repair Formula for PETS!  Brain Food Nutrients for the cells!

Pet Formula Ultimate 9  " especially supportive of geriatric pets.  A noticeable increase in their activity level is a common observation on the part of the owners. Ultimate 9 has been very effective in controlling degenerative spinal disc disease and arthritic disease in dogs. Ultimate 9 has been very supportive of dogs and cats with immune suppression related disease. I also routinely use Ultimate 9 when treating functional hepatitis in pets. As you know, pets are not responding to a placebo effect: nor are they responding to positive mental attitude. I would be able to collect 10-15 affidavits from clients to support the positive impact of Ultimate 9 in their pet.

     Additionally, I and my family all take Ultimate 9. I cannot imagine not having this vitaminic available to our family.  My wife's story alone is quite dramatic. She was not diagnosed with any specific disease, yet she was nearly non-functional for two years.  She was literally on the couch and she did not have the energy to do even routine kinds of chores about the house. Within 2-3 months after starting Ultimate 9, she was beginning to make great strides in her health and sense of well-being. Now, almost two years later, she functions like a mother with a large family..."

Dr. Daniel King, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine  



Ultimate 9 Case Studies
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Peekapoo dog   Pet Tumor   Canine Arthritis    Canine Epileptic Seizures   Cat with Allergies   ACNE


women  men  dogs  catsPatented Vitacel GH7 - Buy Lab Direct at  - Brain foods and foods for the cells, women health, men health, dog health, cat health,


US and Foreign Patents

Increase Mental Well Being - Sharper Clarity - Energy - Arthritic Joint Relief -

Cleanse Toxins from cells and much much more!



We have a cute little Peekapoo dog that is a member of our family. Her name is Pooh Bear and she is seven years old. Pooh got cataracts on her eyes at the age of two and has been blind ever since, however, she gets around the house remarkably well.

Late July, she got very sick and we carried her to the vet. He kept her for a couple of days, x-rayed her, fed her intravenously and then we brought her home and she did well until the middle of September. Then she got very sick again and we took her back to the vet. He did more blood tests on her and various other things and again we brought her home.

Then about four days later, she was very sick and running a temperature of 106 degrees. We took her back and the diagnosis was that he needed to do exploratory surgery. He had already used words like colitis, thickening of intestinal walls, enlarged heart and liver etc. We were leaving on a business trip to Ohio and Michigan and we decided not to have the surgery but that we would just take her with us and make her a bed in the back seat and make her as comfortable as possible and if she died, well we did the best we could. All these trips to the vet had already cost $366. Before we left on Tuesday, we decided to give Pooh Ultimate 9.

We started giving her one in the morning and one at night. Two days later, her temperature broke and now she is jumping around here and playing like a puppy. Also, with her cataracts, her eyes were gathering matter in the corners every day and one eye was especially red around the outside. Now that is all gone. It is our conviction that the Ultimate 9 was the total answer. She will get Ultimate 9 the rest of her life.

Julia Walker Dickinson, TX 77539


Bear, my beloved dog companion, is twelve years old. About five years ago I started to notice changes in his walk and abilities to jump. He went with me everywhere a dog is permitted to go. As his disability progressed, I found it necessary to lift Bear up and take him down when getting in and out of my car. I watched and waited hoping that he would get better. As time went on, Bear s condition became worse and I decided to take him to the veterinarian. He said that Bear had acute arthritis of the left hip. A shot of cortisone was injected and I sadly felt that this was going to be a way of life for my dog. Knowing of the side effects of this drug, I decided to look for something with less or no side effects.

My mother had been taking Ultimate 9 for the last eight years, prior to that GH-3. Since I saw tremendous improvement in my mother s health, I decided to give Bear some. Within two weeks I noticed gradual changes. Within one month he had regained his ability to walk and stand unassisted.

At last Bear was his old self again, only too happy to jump in the car when told to do so. By the way, Bear is not only feeling better but looking better also. He has a healthy, glossy coat of fur and one would never guess that he is going on thirteen years old. Bear is a small dog and now that he has regained his health, I switched him to Vital Pet, which is half the dose of Ultimate 9.


Poncho was my dear late brother s dog. Poncho and Thom were inseparable. Poncho was devoted to my brother Thom, and in return, received the best of care and love. However, Thom had another love, flying planes. About a week before his final ride he asked my mother if she would take care of Poncho if something happened to him. Thom never made it back. Poncho must have sensed Thom wasn't ever going to return and it made him sad. He still misses Thom but Bear, my dog, is his best companion. When they are together Poncho appears to be grieving less. Like humans, he has learned to cope.

By the way, Poncho is eleven years old and has had epileptic seizures since he was a year old. Since my mother and I are the care givers we decided to give Poncho Ultimate 9 and later switched to Vital Pet. He hasn t had a seizure since starting on this nutriment. Do you love your dog or cat? Don t wait for health problems. Start your pet on Ultimate 9 or Vital Pet to keep them feeling and looking well.

Beth Heck


My name is Ms. Mew. I am a nine year old Russian Blue cat. Until recently, I had a terrible problem with allergies. I was always scratching at my ears, chin, etc. It was so bad that I would actually scratch away my fur, leaving little bald spots. My owner felt sorry for me and applied many different lotions and creams from the veterinarian. When the lotions and creams did not work, the veterinarian gave me special food. Nothing helped. Then, my owner gave me some Ultimate 9. Since I am too little to take one big tablet, she ground the tablet and mixed some of it in my food. Since I started taking Ultimate 9I have completely stopped scratching. Also, everyone is commenting that my fur seems thicker. I am now a happier, healthier cat!

Ms Mew (owner Lisa Allan) Chicago, IL 60645 


Since taking Ultimate 9, people that haven t seen me for some time comment on how much younger I look. That is good to hear but it is better to enjoy good health and when you are feeling better, you look better. An unexpected thing happened. My dog is a Min-Pin and he developed a tumor on his eyelid. I had him examined by the Vet and used his medication for one week and nothing happened. The Vet scheduled an operation but before that occurred, I read about a Doberman with a tumor on her lip. The owner used Ultimate 9 herself and decided to give it to her dog. The results were excellent. In a few days the tumor shrank in size and some days later it was gone. I tried the same with my dog and in one and half weeks the tumor was gone. I took my dog back to the Vet and he sure was surprised to see that the tumor was gone. Now we are both looking and feeling good and will continue to do so as we are going to take Ultimate 9 from now on.

Elmer R. Coombs Ridgefield, CT 06877 


Recently, a file cabinet drawer fell on my hand and within 2 weeks, a ganglion cyst, the size of a pea, appeared in the injured area. It gave me some discomfort, but I decided not to see a doctor unless it got worse. I had been using Ultimate 9 for a few years to maintain good health and decided to step-up my intake of Ultimate 9 to 3 tablets in the morning and 3 tablets in the evening. About 3 weeks later, I noticed that the cyst was gone.

Lisa Allan Chicago, IL 60645


I was allergic to all medications that were prescribed for my colitis with the exception of one, Prednisone. Unfortunately, that medication had a negative effect on my diabetes and I was unable to control the sugar. Plus, the Prednisone wasn t helping the colitis.

I heard about Ultimate 9 and how some people with similar health problems had been helped by taking this dietary supplement. Within 5 months the colitis, which I had for 2 years, stopped. The diabetes was under control and it was no longer necessary to take medication.

Laurence Elliot Niagra falls, NY 14305


I lived with acne for about 6 years. I tried lotions, ointments and all else the dermatologist recommended, but nothing helped. I tried hiding my problem with heavy makeup, only to realize I was making the acne worse.

The dermatologist then recommended that I take birth control pills, which would enable me to take another medicine which might help to clear up my skin. Not wanting to try this, I decided to look for something with less or no side effects. My father was taking Ultimate 9 for some time. I took some of his tablets, ground them up with a little water, and made a paste. I applied this paste daily and after 2 1/2 weeks the acne had cleared up.

Joy Hogan Trenton, NJ 08618


I started taking Ultimate 9 about 4 years ago, hoping to just feel better. Twelve days after taking Ultimate 9 I experienced an energy boost. I felt so good and even realized that my asthma had not bothered me.

Joey Charles Chicago, IL 60636

For more info with pets Go to Ultimate 9 for Pets


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Discover for yourself the wonderful therapeutic benefits of what thousands of people across the globe have already experienced from our Ultimate 9 therapeutic tablets... the opportunity to enjoy the tremendous energy and mood-boosting effects ascribed to Ultimate 9 can be yours, as well as the myriad of other benefits reported by its faithful users --


  • relief from arthritic
  • rheumatic pain
  • accelerated wound healing
  • stabilization of abnormal cholesterol
  • blood pressure levels
  • improved memory
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • youthful appearance


  • mental clarity - increase in creativity
  • sense of well-being
  • hair and nails grow stronger and faster
  • increase performance at work
  • helps reduce the effects of stress
  • Re-invigorate sexual function

IMPROVE Emotional and Sense Of Well-Being with GH7!

Advance Formula ULTIMATE 9 Patented process PROTECTED from copy-cats with over $100,000 in US and International Patents!   ONLY the GENUINE ULTIMATE 9 FORMULAS with the AMAZING PATENTED PROCESS carries the patented numbers on each label.     U.S. Patents Nos.  5,162,344, 5,283,258, .5,283,068, 5,254,686 and Foreign patents  AUSTRALIAN Patent Nos. 332917, 046241   CANADIAN Patent No. 2,012,021.


Ultimate 9 is always Lab Fresh each month @ Lab Direct Prices !

The patented process provides the *ONLY* 100% COMPLEXED Procaine HCl on the market.  

GH7 is EFFECTIVE, SAFE and NON-TOXIC.  GH7 goes to work on your cells within 20 minutes!


Patented Vitacel GH7 - Buy Lab Direct at



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