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Feeling Super GREAT, Energized and build Strong Immune System with Patented Vitacel GH7 or GH3 Special Formula - Brain and Body Cell Food!
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Feeling WELL
Increase Emotional Well Being and Immune Sytem with Patented Vitacel GH7 or GH3 Special Formula

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Brain Foods and foods for the cells!

Ultimate 9 THERAPEUTIC *TABLETS* - 6 TIMES MORE POTENT and OVER 4 TIMES MORE BENEFICIAL than the Original GH3 Therapeutic *Injectable*!

Increase Mental Well Being - Sharper Clarity - Energy - Arthritic Joint Relief - Cleanse Toxins from cells and much much more!

Ultimate 9's penetrating Procaine Base Nutriments feeds vital nutriments within the core of each cell -- BOTH sickle damaged and healthy cells!



Ultimate 9 Cell Extension and Repair Formula - with 100 mg of *complexed* Procaine HCl per *tablet*.  Enhancement to the *original injectable* GH3 Formula developed in the early 1950s By Dr. Ana Aslan, Director of the Bucharest Institute of Geriatrics and Gerontology in Romania 

Ultimate 9 Case Studies
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Ultimate 9


US and Foreign Patentss



Dear Ultimate 9 Friends:

We thank God for Ultimate 9 and pray that the medical profession (in our country) will urgently come to acknowledge and utilize the enormous benefits of this product.

Our 2 month old baby was diagnosed as anemic with an extremely low hemoglobin count. He was rushed to a specialist hospital where he was examined extensively. The director of pediatrics and 3 other physicians were admittingly perplexed by their findings. They advised that our baby s heart was enlarged and other organs including the liver & kidneys were abnormal in shape and size and were not positioned in the normal locations. There was also a hard swollen area in his abdomen, (considered a possible hernia), and he had a considerably increased heart rate.

Since our baby s blood count was only 6 (11 being normal), the doctor s felt an emergency transfusion would be needed and kept him monitored with an I.V. syringe already inserted in his arm in case the situation worsened. We were told that heart failure might occur if hi s blood count did not improve and that a transfusion, the only form of treatment recommended, would offer no guarantees and could further complicate matters as well.

My wife and I had mixed feelings about the transfusion. However, we conceded, on the condition that if it became necessary, my wife or I would be the sole donors. It later turned out that neither of us could donate. My wife s medical history and the difference in my blood type were not suitable. On the first day, having learned of the proposal for a transfusion , we began giving our baby Ultimate 9 twice daily (1/4 tablet dissolved in 1 ounce of a catalyst altered water solution).

I have studied health and nutrition and specifically food and body chemistry relationships md therefore felt that the vitamin content would be effective in stimulating blood cell development. In particular, a folic acid deficiency was suspected in the milk that we were feeding our baby. Likewise, based on several testimonials I had read, it seemed that Ultimate 9 might equally normalize the condition of the cells in the blood and various organs.

Our baby s color, which was pale, improved almost immediately on the first day after giving the Ultimate 9 and by the second day we had reports that his heart rate had slowed down to normal and although his blood count did not increase, it stopped declining. This was enough improvement for us to have him released on the fourth day, after which at home we continued the Ultimate 9. Today, (a month later) he has totally recovered, is 5 lbs. heavier and everything appears to be normal.

Lawrence & Iluminada Rumph Warren. Ohio 44483 :


Two years ago, my leg started to ache and walking became difficult. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed my problem as Sciatica and treatments were started. The pain not only persisted but became worse. Not knowing what to do, I went to the Texas Back Center. X-rays were taken and showed that my right hip had collapsed. I was referred to Frank Gottschalk, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at the Texas Medical Center. He examined me and looked at my x-rays. It was determined that a hip replacement was necessary, but he also took a biopsy of the leg bone and the results showed that the bone cells were dead. Amputation was necessary. A hip replacement was necessary. The surgery was scheduled in a month. A hip replacement I could live with, but I could not accept the fact that I was going to loose a leg. A dear friend told me about Ultimate 9 and I ordered some hoping that it might help. I started out the first and second day with just one tablet and then increased it to eight a day, four in the morning and four in the evening. A month passed and it was time for surgery. That day another bone biopsy was taken and much to the doctor s surprise, there was complete bone regrowth. What good news! Dr. Gottschalk wanted to know everything that I had taken since the first biopsy and I told him about Ultimate 9. I mentioned that it got it s start in Europe over 40 years ago, known in Europe as GH3. To my surprise, he knew of it as a special vitamin that had been proven effective for many diseases but never knew it could regrow bone cells.

The post operative check-up looked good. The scar was fading fast and there was little discomfort left from the extensive hip drilling. I don t want to loose my leg nor do I want any further surgery. I feel great!

MARTIN JOHNSON Plano, Texas 75075


I should have written this three years ago while Ramsey was alive. This is his testimony. Ramsey was our beloved dog. He was a wonderful old Malamute and weighted 85 pounds. He lived to be 17 and was in good shape until the end. Three years ago, I noticed a swelling in his throat, his whole neck was swollen. I rushed him to the veterinarian and upon examination he told me Ramsey had a large growth that was blocking the air passage and surgery was necessary to remove it. I did not consent to the operation as I felt Ramsey was too old and I did not want to subject him to any unnecessary discomfort. Plus, he might not survive the operation. Ramsey and I went home and I decided to do the best I could to make him comfortable.

My mother and I had been using Ultimate 9 for some time. Other than arthritis in my hands, we were both healthy. However, we wanted the added protection that this 66 vitaminic compound could give us. A lady I knew had a dog that had developed a tumor and the doctors told her it required surgery. She gave the dog the tablets every day and in a week it \ as gone. So, I gave Ramsey Ultimate 9. The swelling went down and the vet was surprised. After examining him, he told me he never saw or heard of anything like that before. Ramsey was in a great deal of pain from arthritis also at the time. He had trouble getting up, and when he did, he cried. He was starting to slow down. After giving Ramsey Ultimate 9, the arthritis was arrested immediately. He seemed to continue a much fuller life, taking long walks through the park up until a week before he died. He still had his hearing and he could spot a rabbit a block away. The veterinarian said he acted like a dog half his age. He to k his pill disguised in a piece of liver sausage every day. In March, he stopped eating. Hi <stem just started to shut down in a normal way. I knew his time was limited now. The last day of his life he stared at the light and died peacefully at 4:00 a.m. A wonderful end at home for a noble animal. No tubes, operations or doctors, thanks to Ultimate 9. Seventeen years for such a big dog is remarkable, almost unheard of. I really don t believe the quality of his life would have been what it was without Ultimate 9. Oh, by the way, he wn s missing only two teeth in his whole mouth, the back ones.



"I was born in a small town, and as far back as I can remember, I suffered from Psoriasis. I vaguely remembered being given a bath one day by my mother. This was long before Kindergarten days. I was in a big round galvanized tub in the middle of the kitchen floor, when my mother screamed at my father to come and have a look in my hair and my scalp. My dad s first reaction was... "He has ringworm." He probably got it from the cattle. It was not long after that small round patches started to appear on my legs just between my ankles and my knees. When I went to public school, my legs were always covered in long pants and in those days all athletic sports were held in the playground. The public school health nurse started examining all of the kids and when it was my turn, she discovered my skin problem. The public school health nurse did not know what I was suffering from, but she made the arrangements for me to visit with her doctor. Well, it was getting very, very scary and hard on my nerves plus trying to study in class with all this on my mind. At the doctor s office we went into an ultra-violet light room. In there, the doctor started picking samples of scales from off of my scalp until my head was very sore. 67 After my first of many treatments, I was told not to play with any of the other kids at school or in my neighborhood because the school officials thought that I was very contagious. I remember being sent home with all my belongings out of my school locker. I watched them spray the locker with disinfectant. I was bewildered the day the nurse sent me home. They had stripped be naked, examined me, then gave me a salve and a liquid solution to rub on my sores. They told me that I would be out of school until further notice, but that I should report at the same time to the doctor s clinic every week. Except for the mental strain and the itching scabs on my legs and in my head, I felt physically very strong. When I went back to the clinic the next week, another situation had developed. The liquid solution they had given me had started to make the skin on my hands peel off. The doctor s explanation was to get someone to give me rubber gloves to put on when I was applying the lotion. The pattern never changed through public school and somehow I managed to pass into high school. With my new high school life, my skin problem appeared to take a rest from my legs, but remained in my hair and scalp. The rest was short lived. I had a new outbreak, not only on my legs, but on my arms and elbows. I had to get a note from home to get excused from gym exercises. All went well until a new gym instructor came to take over. He was young and demanded that I wear gym shorts and take gym classes. When I told him in confidence about my skin condition [WHICH AT THIS POINT WAS STILL NOT CLASSIFIED AS PSORIASES] he had me immediately expelled. At this shocking time, I once again saw my locker fumigated and gym clothing taken to the furnace room to be burned. At this point, I mentally and physically gave up. It was only one month away from the graduation date for grade twelve and I was expelled for something no one seemed to know anything about. The town was small, everybody knew each others business and health conditions. I could not get a job. It was due to ignorance back in those days. I often heard this told to me, "Sorry fella, but the whole plant may catch what you ve got!" The year was 1950. It was at this point in time that I left for the city. I was in bad shape. My toenails were thick and hard, my calves of both legs were plastered, my shins of my legs had large patch areas in dimensions of 7 inches long by 3 inches wide ofjust solid scab. My thighs had large round patches. My buttocks had eighteen to twenty patches. The pit in my back had one big sore which never changed. My stomach area had four or five small patches, my forearms had matching patches as well as by elbows. When I came to the city, I had given up on the doctor s prescribed medicines and salves because I had spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars with no relief in sight. And I read the ads and tried nearly everything on the market. And now that I was here in the big city of Toronto, I had to find a new doctor as well as a barber to cut my hair. The year is 1959. My new doctor, who was in his late sixties, told me I had PSORIASIS and wanted me to try some whitish-pink thick, gritty salve he had in big round can. The salve had a musty type of odor to it and it soiled my clothing as well as the bed linens. The smell was unbearable in my clothing. This salve was only effective in softening the large crusty scales, but only for a day or two. My doctor told me after a medical examination that I should watch my prostrate system closely and if there was any change, he advised me to have an operation. Now I had something else to worry about. My doctor passed away shortly after. The year is 1970. NOW NO MORE THICK SALVE AVAILABLE. 68 I now believed that I would be covered with scabs until it was my time to die. My worst months were usually January and February for new eruptions to appear and take over more of my body. If I placed my fingers behind my ears, there would be a secretion behind my ears that smelled the same as my thick toenails. Even the light weight of the bed linen on my body would cause me burning pain all through the night. My toenails would also pain me. I suffered with this up until 1988. I received a call from Sophia Perlick in the spring of 1988 about a product she thought I might be interested in sharing with people up in Canada. I asked her if it might be good for the prostrate. Her only answer was that it would not hurt to try it. The product was Ultimate 9. I received my Ultimate 9 in late April 1988, and after about a week I noticed a change in my complete physical condition such as follows: I was sleeping better, and when I awoke in the morning and got out of bed to go to the washroom I did not have the excruciating pains in my ankle joints that I would suffer with first thing every morning. I also found that I was walking about 50% faster and that my wife mentioned that my scalp was clearing up and she said in passing, "IF THIS KEEPS UP, I WON T HAVE ANYTHING TO PICK AT!" I have also had to wear a hair piece for as long as I can remember to cover the scales, as well as a full beard to cover the scales and massive scab that covered my left cheek and under my jaw and half of my chin. After three weeks of Ultimate 9, Cal-Mag, and Vita-Mins (of which I take 2 of each morning and night) my Psoriasis started to clear up. First the smell went away, and then the burning itching sensation and almost in no time at all the sores disappeared. The summer of 1988 was the first summer in my entire life that I could wear shorts, bathing suits, sleeveless shirts, etc. I have a very good physique. To be sure of my successful battle with Psoriasis, I had to wait until the January and February of 1989 to see if it would flare up again, but I am happy to announce that it did not! Right now my skin is healthy and my new family doctor has checked me out including my blood pressure and has told me the best advice he could give me is to stay away from my doctor.




Approximately three months ago, I started my daughter on Ultimate 9. Charity was born with hydrocephalus. Her first surgery was performed at 3 1/2 months for a shunt implant. She has had a total of 17 surgeries, several which have caused irreversible nerve damage (doctors term, not mine) to the brain. Charity has been labeled Autistic and had many Autistic-like behaviors. She does well scholastically, but her social development has been slow, as so has her relationship to our world. The best way to describe Charity would be the same terms and behaviors used to describe a stroke victim. She has the knowledge and intelligence, but has problem articulating. Since she has been on Ultimate 9, there has been a definite improvement in her capabilities. She is beginning to initiate friendships and conversations with her peers. Her comprehension has improved and her frustrations are at a minimum. I was so pleased with the extra benefits we as a family have experienced. The asthma and PMS that Charity was afflicted with are gone. Verlet, my 11 year old, has no more allergies. My arthritis is gone. My husband s narcolepsy is improving steadily. What a remarkable product! Thank you sincerely for making it available.



Some time ago, my friend from work got me to try Ultimate 9 to help with my high blood pressure. I was also taking blood pressure medication. My blood pressure went down, but I gave credit to my medications, increased exercise by walking, diet change, etc., and I stopped taking Ultimate 9. Then about three weeks ago, I got a middle ear infection (virus?) called Labyrinthitis. I had this about 1 1/2 years ago and was very sick, to the point of being immobile on the floor, bed or wherever I happened to be when these attacks hit, till they eased. I spent 6 weeks feeling very sick and then it gradually eased off. Again, this was on the mend, only slightly bothering me, when I took Ultimate 9. This year during the holidays, I again got Labyrinthitis and had to be driven home. I couldn t drive and my daughter bussed to pick me up and drive my car and me home. My friend saw me 2 weeks later at work (I was trying to work when I felt not too bad) and said, "Why aren t you taking Ultimate 9 anymore?" My blood pressure was up (I was still taking my medications) so I took Ultimate 9 and noticed a difference right away (2 tablets a.m. before I went to bed as I came off the night shift). In 3 days, I had p~ symptoms at all and people said I "looked alive." At my doctor s appointment, my blood pressure was back to a good range of 142/80 from 160/100 the previous week! Then for 2 days, I did not take Ultimate 9 and was dizzy again! 70 This morning I m taking them again. I know the Labyrinthitis is still waiting to take over, and Ultimate 9 has made it possible for me to live a normal life and work. The doctors here and in Edmonton told me, "It s just something you have to live with and it will probably recur off and on the rest of your life." But now I know I can do something about it. The drug, Antivert that they prescribe for this is to control the nausea and dizziness, but I still feel very sick and have very bad spells even with Antivert. However, with Ultimate 9, I noticed 4 hours after my first 2 pills it was gone for all intents and purposes and I can function normally. One month s supply of Ultimate 9 costs about the same as 30 Bonamine 25 mg. tablets (similar to Antivert, but not as many medications), and the instructions are, Take 1 tablet 4 times daily as needed." One bottle doesn t go far and my doctor said when I needed more, just let him know. After 3 weeks, I still have Bonamine left! With Ultimate 9, I don t need them at all!

Thanks for the help.

PATRICIA A. SNEATH Dawson Creek, B.C. V1G 1V7 Canada 

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Discover for yourself the wonderful therapeutic benefits of what thousands of people across the globe have already experienced from our Ultimate 9 therapeutic tablets... the opportunity to enjoy the tremendous energy and mood-boosting effects ascribed to Ultimate 9 can be yours, as well as the myriad of other benefits reported by its faithful users --


  • relief from arthritic
  • rheumatic pain
  • accelerated wound healing
  • stabilization of abnormal cholesterol
  • blood pressure levels
  • improved memory
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • youthful appearance


  • mental clarity - increase in creativity
  • sense of well-being
  • hair and nails grow stronger and faster
  • increase performance at work
  • helps reduce the effects of stress
  • Re-invigorate sexual function

IMPROVE Emotional and Sense Of Well-Being with GH7!

Advance Formula ULTIMATE 9 Patented process PROTECTED from copy-cats with over $100,000 in US and International Patents!   ONLY the GENUINE ULTIMATE 9 FORMULAS with the AMAZING PATENTED PROCESS carries the patented numbers on each label.     U.S. Patents Nos.  5,162,344, 5,283,258, .5,283,068, 5,254,686 and Foreign patents  AUSTRALIAN Patent Nos. 332917, 046241   CANADIAN Patent No. 2,012,021.


Ultimate 9 is always Lab Fresh each month @ Lab Direct Prices !

The patented process provides the *ONLY* 100% COMPLEXED Procaine HCl on the market.  

GH7 is EFFECTIVE, SAFE and NON-TOXIC.  GH7 goes to work on your cells within 20 minutes!


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