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Increase Emotional Well Being and Immune Sytem with Patented Vitacel GH7 or GH3 Special Formula

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Ultimate 9 Case Studies
Case Histories Section D


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In October 1988, my sister introduced me to a product whe was taking. I started it not thinking it would do anything for me. In other words, I was skeptical. I knew since she was on it, I felt there was no harm. Also my mother was taking it. Several months later I noticed a complete change in my physical condition. I had been retaining fluids, which I am no longer doing, my sinus problem had lessened, and my cholesterol was lower than it had been in years. My mother who had been in constant pain now was doing great. The only thing we were doing different was the GH-3 product we are still using. Every one wants good health. Vitacel 3(GH-3) is inexpensive, harmless, and been around since 1947. Sixty Minutes did a complete segment on it. You will look and feel younger because GH-3 penetrates the cell membrane. When our cells die this causes many major diseases.



Dear Sirs:

This is my testimony. My daughter has sickel cell anemia, and I had to take her to the hospital s emergency room four and five times a week. She was in very bad condition, but since I started her taking GH-3 I haven t had to take her to the hospital since.

GOLDIE SHELL Orville, Ohio 44667

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this in hopes that others may get the satisfaction that I have enjoyed from using GH-3 (GH-3) products for the last 4 year. When I started using GH-3, I was suffering from arthritis and worn out cartilage in my knees to the point that the doctor wanted to replace the knees with artificial joints and it was necessary to wear braces on both legs.

Now, after taking GH-3 products, the arthritic pain is not bothering me, the braces are things of the past. My health is very good. I swim, dance, hunt, fish, and do anything I like to do. Oh yes, my age might help me some too. I am almost 83 years of age and maintain an active life in real estate.

Long live Vitacel Products, GH-3. Hoping that it helps you as it has me.

GEORGE McGUIRE Canon City, CO 81212


 October 6, 1983 My first introduction to GH-3 was in March 1983. A good friend of mine, who knew my past history of heart problems, came to my house one evening with a bottle of pills and a convincing story. I had been having a steady pain in my left shoulder which prevented me from lifting my left hand above my shoulder, such as in combing my hair or scratching my head. I could accomplish these tasks, but with difficulty associated with pain. In addition, I had been advised by my heart doctor that my heart probems would probably become worse since arteriosclerosis was a major factor. In reading the claims for GH-3, it appeared that both of my problems could be helped by taking the product, at least on a three-month trial basis. The first month while taking the pills, it was obvious that the pain in my left shoulder was being affected, but for the worse! the pain became almost unbearable, and I almost decided to stop taking the pills. Since I was close to the first five day rest period, I kept taking the pills until that period. The constant pain started to subside during the rest period and gave me confidence to start the second month. Again, the process was repeated, but not as much pain as the first month. It took about three months of taking the pill until the pain went away completely and has never returned! In addition, since my by-pass operation on my heart in December 1979,1 have been religiously taking my pulse every day to be conscious of the strain on my heart muscle while exercising (a three-mile walk under 45 minutes each day). After three (3) months on GH-3, a noticeable effect was evident on my pulse rate. My normal resting pulse rate had been approximately 78 counts/minute. After being on GH-3, for three months, my resting rate was coming down. I have now been on the product for seven months and my resting pulse rate has stabilized at 60 counts/minute! For a heart condition, this has to be very good news! My body is getting the proper oxygen to the blood stream while my heart is working at a much lower rate in accomplishing it. The claims that GH-3 actually reverses arteriosclerosis has made a believer of me, since the effect on my pulse rate illustrates this fact vividly. In conclusion, besides the benefits mentioned above, I have also noticed benefits of the anti-depressant qualities of GH-3. I have been under mental strain at my office position, that in my mind would have not been bearable if I were not taking the pill. It is one quality of the pill that I would recommend to anyone who has mental depression or anxieties that prey on their mind. Taking this pill has helped my capability to sleep well, without anxieties, which in turn helps my ability to face the hectic routines of normal twentieth century living. After a month s trial I became a firm believer in the efficacy of this product. I have noticed that the benefits of this pill are increased if a person takes the pill on a stomach that has been very empty. By this I mean, take the pill at about six o clock in the morning, and approximately 4 or 5 p.m. in the evening, at least one hour before you eat your evening meal. In normal activities this should ensure an empty stomach while taking the pill. This has to be done religiously by the person taking the pill for maximum benefits.

NELLO BONICELLI Idaho Falls, Idaho 


This is a true story!

It was a surprise coming and it was surprise going. Having lived with good health for so many wonderful years, it was difficult to handle this change that overwhelmed me. The tired feeling and lack of energy was noticed by people that I worked with as well as friends and family. I attributed it to nerves. Lunch time at work meant rest time or perhaps a short nap. Eating became difficult. I couldn t hold a spoon or cup and had to drink through a straw, or risk spilling liquids. Someone had to tie a scarf under my chin to the top of my head because my teeth and facial bones were sore from the chattering.

Parkinson became evident and was confirmed by a brain scan and two other tests. My physician prescribed Eldopa for the tremors and Librium for the depression. The Eldopa did quiet the tremors at first but with continued use, the tremors increased. I still had the depression and walked around in a daze. I had other incapacities. My memory was impaired and I had to write notes to remind myself to take my medication. Unfortunately, my hand shook so bad that I coundn t read my notes. I suffered other embarrassing problems. My speech was slurred and I would lose my balance, falling occassionally. Sleeping was difficult as well as rising from bed and preparing my food. It was decided that I would have to move to a nursing home. One evening my son took me for a ride thinking that a change of scenery would be enjoyable. We stopped at a store to make a purchase. The clerk noticed tremors and asked what was wrong. I told him what I had and he asked me if I knew of GH-3. I listened and agreed to order. I took my medication and GH-3 but not together. After three months I discontinued the Eldopa and Librium. I had no need for either. Good health returned at last! I have been using GH-3 for two years and Ultimate 9 for the last three years. I find the Ultimate 9 makes me feel stronger and I have more energy.

Just nine months ago, I went to the doctor for a physical. He was surprised to see me looking so well. After the examination, he told me to stop taking Eldopa. Parkinson s appeared to be gone or in a remission. Would nt he be surprised to know that I had been off the medication for the past five years!

HARRIET WILKENS Age 72 Lawrence Norridge, IL 60656

31 November 15, 1985

Dear Millie,

About eight years ago, after numerous doctors and tests, I was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic as having a Blephema Spasm in my right eye. The condition produces a droopy lid and excessive blinking. I was told there was no cure for it and it would either go away or become increasingly worse! The droopy lid did improve after six mouths, to the point where my eye wasn t closed but still a bit lower then the right eye that.... I would live with. But the exessive blinking was madening. I started on GH-3, and cannot give you a time frame, but the blinking was decreasing. Then, being a skeptic, I decided to discontinue the GH-3 to see if that was really what was doing it or if it just was time for this condition to improve. No doubt about it... .it was the GH-3! As soon as I started taking the GH-3 again, the blinking decreased. I have to admit, with my harried schedule within a week I noticed the difference.

Thank you Millie for introducing me to GH-3.


Dottie May Miller Villa Park, IL 60181


Dear Friend: If your health means as much to you as mine means to me, then I have good news for you! I have been introduced to a product that is a must for me. Dr. Ana Aslan, Director of Bucharest Institute of Geriatrics in Romania says that if you anticipate growing older and developing degenerate diseases that are associated with growing older, such as senility, arthritis, hair loss or loss of hair color, angina pectoris, heart disease, loss of hearing, eyesight,memory, high blood pressure, lack of energy and vitality, cholesterol, ulcers, depression, stress, sleep and many other, by all means, please check out this marvelous product. I will never be without it, if at all possible. The product has not been approved by the F.D.A., and we can only give our personal testimonies. In just a short while, the product really helped a very sensitive ear, and has given me much needed energy and vitality.

Thank You,

Anna Richardson Huntsville, AL 35806 



November 25, 1985

In early October of 1984, my wife, Laura, brought home a brochure describing GH 3. She had been to lunch with her aunt (78 years old) who had been taking GH-3 with excellent results. Knowing that Laura had some physical problems, she suggested Laura study the brochure and consider trying GH-3. We read the literature describing GH-3 as a product that had benefited people suffering from many ailments, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, hearing loss and diverticulitis. We were skeptical. Nothing could be that good and not be approved by the F.D.A. I was going to be 70 years of age on November 25, 1984, and I was controlling high blood pressure using 4 different drugs daily. I had hemorrhoids that were annoying to say the least, and I had just spent a relatively large sum for hearing aids. I also had arthritic pain intermittently for which I knew that there was no help. Within two weeks after learning that GH-3 existed, Laura developed severe pains in her arms and shoulders (diagnosed as tendinitis), making it impossible to raise her arms above her shoulders. We looked at the brochure again and decided to try GH-3. Our order arrived sooner that we expected and we began taking GH-3 as directed. Within one week, the arthritic pain in my hands and arms was gone. And within two weeks, Laura s arm problem was gone. We were less skeptical. We have taken GH-3 every day for over a year. I hear better now without my hearing aids than with them; my hemorrhoids have disappeared; there has been no reoccurrence of diverticulitis; and there s more. Starting in November 1974, I had blood in my urine for a two to three-day period at intervals of three to four months. At the first occurrence, my doctor sent me to a specialist for various tests and a bladder examination. The tests showed there was no cancer in the tract, but they were inconclusive as to the cause of the bleeding. Four months later, the same occurrence, same doctor, same specialist, same tests, new laboratory, results - no cancer Possibly the bleeding was caused by prostate disorder. In the year that followed I learned to live with the almost clock-like occurrences, but never without a feeling of apprehension. The occurrences were less frequent, and as I saw no reason to spend a lot of money on a condition that apparently was going to be with me the rest of my life. Since October of 1984, there has been no blood in my urine! For at least the last ten years prior to taking GH-3, my golf game was limited to nine holes of walking; any more required a power riding cart and even then, my feet really hurt. This summer and fall I ve played 18 holes many times without a cart and no aching feet. The feeling of well-being has progressed constantly since taking GH-3. I am no longer skeptical.

Frank & Laura Miller Seattle, WA 33 


I m writing this testimony for the benefit of all those wonderful people who suffer from Parkinson s Disease. This is the story of my bout with the disease and my partial victory. It is my hope that I can be of help to someone. Just knowing there are people who are and have found some measure of relief from the disease may be all the spark that is needed to try one more time and succeed. I also know that just because something that worked for one person does not mean that it will work for another. But how do we know unless we try? I encourage you, "DON T GIVE UP, KEEP TRYING."

The date was early spring 1982. My occupation? Clothing retailer. I had been arm wrestling with my sons. A few weeks later, my right arm went totally limp, and required several minutes of massage to get some feeling back into it. From that point on, I had a great deal of difficulty writing. I just passed this off as a pinched nerve resulting from the arm wrestling. Over the next few months, my condition worsened. My whole body seemed to be stiffening up. My wife was constantly reminding me to pick up my feet. I just seemed to stumble over the least little things. I enjoyed golf, but I was finding it most difficult to swing a club, and I eventually had to give up the sport. At this time, I was 53 years of age and had been active all my life. I would golf, canoe and hike during the summer. In the winter, I would cross country ski. I found myself spending more time on our rebounder each morning trying to counter my stiffness, but to no avail.

By July, I was walking with a slight stoop. It was difficult to carry on a conversation because my speech was becoming slurred and I would forget what the conversation was about. It became apparent even to me that there was something more serious than a pinched nerve. It took my wife, Jean, until the end of July to persuade me to see a doctor. It took the doctor about 15 minutes to diagnose the symptoms as Parkinson s Disease. I was told the medical profession knew very little about the disease and there was no known cure. I was sent home with the latest drug called Sinemet and was told to take one a day. The first pill I took put me on my back for 2 1/2 hours at which time I was convinced that the cure was worse that the disease. I was then told by my doctor to start off with a 1/4 or a 1/2 pill at a time until my system became accustomed to the drug. My condition continued to worsen.

By mid-September, my memory had gone to the point that if a customer would ask me for a white shirt, I would take three or four steps and forget what he had asked me for. It was almost impossible to write out an invoice or sign my name. I was then referred to a specialist who did little more that confirm my family doctor s diagnosis. I was told that as my condition worsened to increase the Sinemet to a maximum of 8 per day and from that point on, I would be on a down-hill run. By January of 1983, I was using the maximum of 8 per day and was unable to maintain my level of health. Because of my worsening condition, mainly memory, speech and my inability to even write out a simple invoice, the decision was made to close our retail store.

It was in this same time period that a friend suggested that I contact a herbalist. I knew very little about herbalists and was quite negative to the suggestion but at this point what did I have to loose? The herbalist also told me there was no cure for Parkinson s Disease, but if I was willing to change my life style there was a chance that I might bring it under control. I had nothing to lose. My new way of life was to consist of: 1. A new nutritional diet (NO JUNK FOODS); 2. Several herbs as a supplement to the diet; 3. An exercise program; and 4. My nutritionist suggested that I take GH-3 along with the herbs. This product was to 34 help the body help itself and make everything work that much better. GH-3, I was told would help the body assimilate more of the vitamins and minerals from the food that we eat, and act as a catalyst in carrying vitamins and minerals directly into the cell membrane. I must point out that I was told by both my nutritionist and my herbalist that it would take time and that I must be patient and there was a chance I would get very little relief from Parkinson s and perhaps none at all. But with good nutrition, exercise and GH3, my body was bound to react in a positive way. I must admit that after 2 months, I could see absolutely no improvement.

I contacted my nutritionist and informed her I was going to quit. She shook her finger at me and said, "Bill Meyer, your body didn't get in this condition overnight and don t you expect it to be cured overnight." Well, I still had one more month s supply of GH-3 left, so I picked up some more herbs and gave it a try for one more month. At the very end of the third month, I had one slight, positive reaction. I had a very little vertical movement with my right hand, and to give it some kind of exercise, I would use both hands to brush my teeth. While performing this every day task, I let go with my left hand and to my great surprise (be it ever so slight) my right hand continued to move. Well, this was all it took to spur me on for another 3 months. At the end of this period, I noticed an improvement in my speech and handwriting. I didn t stoop quite as much.

The improvements were not extensive, but they were there. So off I went for another 3 months. At the end of the 9 month period, things were looking so well, I could carry on a conversation without forgetting what I was talking about halfway through a sentence. I wasn t as stiff and my walk had a bounce one again. Friends would stop and comment on how well I looked. For the entire 9 month period, I remained taking the 8 Sinemet every day. The hour of truth was at hand, I decided to start reducing Sinemet. As not to rock the boat, I dropped a pill a month until I was at zero. But this was not to last for long. Over a period of a few weeks, the symptoms started to very slowly reappear so I decided to reinstate Sinemet into my program. I now take one Sinemet and on a very long day 1 and 1/2. But that s a far cry from the eight a day. Over the next two years, I have been able to cut back on a number of the herbs I was taking, but it should be noted that I take four GH-3 a day. Two an hour before breakfast and two an hour before our evening meal. The only side effect I have ever noticed, or should I say side benefit was, "No more migraine headaches." Before I got on this program, I used to get several migraines a month. 1984 and especially 1985 were banner years for me. I was able to golf, hike, ski and once again, my canoe heads for the white water. Few people realize that I have the disease. Oh yes, I ll probably be on herbs and GH-3 for the rest of my life, but I m grateful to have a quality life to look forward to. At this point in time, I would like to express my love and gratitude to the two most prominent persons responsible for my success. My nutritionist and our dear friend Margaret Kopi, for shaking her finger, and all her encouragements. To my dear wife, Jean, for those great nutritional meals. For the countless times she had to remind me, "Pick up your feet, straighten up, have you taken your pills? Bill, you shouldn' t eat that," and the list goes on. To the makers of GH-3. Without this fine product, my success would have been uncertain.

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