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Brain Foods and foods for the cells!



Ultimate 9 Case Studies
Case Histories Section I


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Dear Friends,

I have been taking Ultimate 9 since November 1989. I am 75 years "young". When I found that I had to have cataract surgery, I started taking 4 tablets per day 2 weeks prior to the surgery. My surgery was Tuesday, May 15, 1990. Wednesday morning, I went to my doctor s office for a post examination. He removed the patch, examined the eye and tested it. My eye had improved 10 points in less than 24 hours. I was reading 20/60 before the operation and then 20/50 the day after the operation. My doctor said it looked like I would be 20/20 in a very short time. He was quite impressed with my rapid improvement. I shared the Ultimate 9 information with him as I know it was a contributing factor to the success of my surgery. Also, the arthritic pain in my thumb joints has lessened. I no longer have to take anything for sleep. Ultimate 9 is affordable and definitely a necessity for me. I will never be without it for the rest of my life.

THELMA McELROY Owensboro, KY 42301


April 18, 1991

It is a distinct pleasure and privilege to write you with my testimony regarding my experience using the wonderful vitamins, Ultimate 9, and the wonders that I have received from its usage. [really get excited when I tell the story about my experience with something the medical field tat med as a disease called Lupus. In November 1990,1 was diagnosed as having Lupus. I was immediately prescribed two powerful medications to aid in the flexibility of the movement of my knee jo nts and joint-area throughout my body. At one point prior to my diagnosis, I had problems with tt movement of my knees, feet and hands. It was during that period that my uncle, Frederick Young, introduced me to Ultimate 9, the wonder vitamin. Shortly thereafter, my uncle suggested that I talk with you, Mrs. Allan. To this day, my uncle, you and Ultimate 9 continue to be such an inspiration to me. Although I was already taking medication, I continued to take Ultimate 9 without cease. After a brief period, I was taken off of one of the medications by my physician with only one medico don left to take. As time progressed (several months passed away), I noticed that there were sc me side effects with the medication that I was still taking. I consulted my physician about those & de effects (such as nervousness and shortness of breath periodically) and because my physician1 ad not heard of such side effects that would correspond with that particular medication and my diavnosis, I was informed to continue taking the medication for one year. I decided within myself that this is my body and I do not have to suffer with side effects and continue to experience misery. In March 1991, I made a decision to discontinue taking the second medication due to the side effects. I am now solely relying upon prayer and the wonder vitamin, Ultimate 9. I am currently taking eight Ultimate 9s per day. I feel great! I am excited, and enthusiastic about this whole experience. Thank you and God Bless!

BOBBY E. TWIGOS Chicago, IL 60649


Two years ago my husband lost interest in himself, the business and he just couldn t get going. He is 56 years old and I am 51 years old. His memory wasn t good and he felt tired all the time. On top of all that, he was in a bad mood. Now since we started taking Ultimate 9, we are no longer going to bed tired and waking up tired. I really feel that we have our healthy selves back again. We also take Vita-Mins and C-Doplilus. I can say thanks to God that we heard about Ultimate 9.

MR. & MRS. FRANKLIN PARKS Lisbon, IA 52253


November 21, 1990


Ms. Faye Bates has been a patient in this office since 1986. At that time she was diagnosed with horizontal bone loss associated with acute chronic periodontitis. Since she lived out-of state, I advised her to seek the care of a periodontist near her home.

In December of 1987 after surgery by a periodontist, her periodontal condition improved with only mild to moderate inflammation. She was seen in the office on a maintenance periodontal program since 1987. In her last two visits before October 19, 1990, her inflammation had increased with sensitivity of all her teeth and additional periodontal surgery a possibility. Peridex oral rinse was prescribed to help in inflammation reduction along with oral hygiene measures.

On her last visit, the gingival issues have responded to a normal health state. There is no sensitivity to any of the teeth. On examination of her X-rays, the interproximal bone is in a state of health.

The patient is extremely happy with the change in her oral health. On the October 19, 1990 appointment, she stated she had been taking Ultimate 9 and that this is the reason for her oral health to improve.


JAMES M. JOHNSON, D.M.D. Owensboro, Kentucky 42301


August 1989

On or about April 1, 1989,1 was reluctantly introduced to Ultimate 9. I had numerous aches and pains and broken bones and sprains of yester-year. In August of 1980,1 rolled a truck loaded with oil north of Winnebago, Minnesota. My thumb and arm became tangled in the steering wheel in the spin out, and I later learned I had a dislocated thumb that I had suffered with all these past years with terrible pain and arthritis had set in to add to my discomfort. After 2 weeks on Ultimate 9, the pain was completely gone. In 1984, I was loading a hose in a storage tank and as I was climbing up the ladder, pulling a 2 inch 40 foot hose, it slipped out of my hand. As I grabbed for it, I missed the top rung of the ladder and fell about 18 feet. I was all alone. I laid there for about 2 hours before I was finally able to get up. My arm hung like a dead piece of meat. I drove the 120 86 120 miles home in my truck and was only able to use my left arm. The doctor told me it was injured so badly I probably wouldn t be able to ever use it again. I now have little or no pain. Lower back pain is something I had learned to live with for the past 35 years. Now it s gone, but it did come back once to haunt me. I also had an ulcer, hiatal hernia, and my arms and legs from my hips to my toes would go numb, after a long day s drive. All of these problems no longer bother me. Plus I can see better, think more clearly, I am more alert, and I no longer have any depression. I feel like a new swiss watch. So be careful, I may ask if you want to run a race. Call me. There is a good chance I can do the same for you.

CLAIR SCHMIDT Plymouth, IA 50464 

P.S. Since this letter was printed, the ringing in my inner ear has stopped. After driving the truck all these years, the numbness in my hips, legs and feet is completely gone. Thank God for Ultimate 9.


March 8, 1991

Dear Ultimate 9,

I have been using your product for 2 months and I ve really seen an improvement. This is how I was introduced to your product on January 5, 1991. I have eczema and a lady named Martha told me about this product. So the next day I took it, and took it and saw a wonderful improvement in my skin. I had eczema since I was four years old, so I ve had this for six years. Now that I use Ultimate 9, I have a better hope of getting away from eczema. As I close this letter, I want to say thank you very much for a wonderful product.

GERARD STEVEN TOMLIN, age 10 - Bronx, NY 10469

Gerard had eczema from head to toe and was constantly scratching. After 10 days of one Ultimate 9 twice a day, the itching stopped. After one month his face and neck cleared up. Now after two months, the eczema is almost completely gone.

MARTHA -Bronx, NY 10467 

 TESTIMONY - TAPED INTERVIEW Clair Schmidt and Leo Boyer, November 17, 1989

C.S. "Leo, what s been your problems in the past before you got on Ultimate 9?"

L.B. "Well, I ve had a lung infection that I ve had ever since I was an infant and in World War I - when I had the influenza, and it s bothered me all these years and I m 72 years old now and, you know, it hasn t gotten any better. I ve had a cough and infection and I ve taken a lot of antibiotics to control it and in recent years several times I ve had bleeding.

This year in September, I went into the hospital with hemorrhaging from my lungs. After intravenous antibiotics, while in the hospital, I went as an out-patient for a week taking the antibiotics intravenously and then another 15 days after I got out of the hospital. I told the doctor I had had all I could handle of these 750 mg antibiotics.

I was given a pamphlet by an old friend of mine and I read it over slightly. Then I came back to it - I d probably had it around 30 days before I went back to it. I finally said, I m going to call him up and get some of this product. So I ve been on it no, Ultimate 9, well, I ve taken two bottles and I ve noticed a radical change in my cough and in my breathing. It is real remarkable what it has done for me. I have so much more energy and I ve slept better and I am just elated over what it has done. I m anxious to continue with it and see what all it will do for me. I believe it s really on the track. This product is designed to rebuild these cells and we know that that s an important function of your bodies. I m just real happy over the results I ve had with The Ultimate 9. So, I m happy to give you this little testimony, Clair. I ve been telling few friends about it too. When you find something that helps you you re more than glad to share it with someone else. We know there s a lot of problems and a lot of need among us older people."

C.S. "I understand you ve already sold your house in Texas, and now you wish you had it back!"

L.B. "We ve been spending the winters in Texas the last seven winters and we sold out down there because I didn t think I was going to be able to make it back down, and here I am feeling better than I ve felt in a long time and I m going to go down there and kick up my heels! So many people tell me, Well, what are you taking that you re looking so good now? Well, I don t know about looking good, but I do know I have been feeling better. And so we re headed for Texas for the winter and we ll be happy to see what will happen!" LEO BOYER LEO BOYER Iowa Donna, TX 78537


November 7, 1991

Dear Ultimate 9 Friends:

Our whole family is so very thankful that we were introduced to Ultimate 9, and pray to God that it will soon be recognized by our medical profession for the phenomenal benefits of this product.

Our daughter was in a terrible accident two years ago and was burned over thirty-five percent of her body. She had to undergo many skin grafts and many reconstruction surgery s since the accident. She also had severe nerve damage to her right arm, and we were told that she may never have feeling in her arm.

After her third reconstruction surgery, the doctor told her that her appearance would not improve more than five percent a year if she was lucky. She was very upset because she was not satisfied with her appearance at all. She was still very scarred. It was about a week later that a very dear friend introduced us to Ultimate 9. We put our daughter on five to six pills daily along with Catalyst water which she took four ounces three times a day and also she sprayed it on her body. She recently started using Vitalize Cream.

In about a month, we noticed that the scar tissue she had on parts of her back surrounding the skin grafts, had totally disappeared and the skin tone on her back and arm were returning to normal.

Two months later, she had another surgery under local anesthesia. When the doctor gave her the first needle, she felt pain and told him. He stopped what he was doing and looked at her and said, "You can t feel that can you?" When she told him that she could, he said, "In all my years as a specialist, never has one of my patients regained feeling in such a short time after such a serious injury) He was shocked, the nurse verified it with the doctor and told him that our daughter squeezed her hand every time he gave her a needle.

Our daughwr knew then what Ultimate 9 had done for her. In four months she had nerve activity in her arm. She knew her cells were repairing. She is very thankful for Ultimate 9, and hoj~ s that her story will help others use this wonder pill so that those may be helped who ho ye been through a burn trauma and also anyone who might be burned in the In ture. She h us hope now, knowing that each day she will be getting a little better, with the help of God and Ultimate 9.

Dolores & Charles McNerney 19 - 2 I Yorktown, NY



The acne problems that troubled me as an adolescent left me as an adult, except for my1 ick and an OC asional breakout on my face. This was very minor compared to what my skin was like as a boy. I would get cold sores during both the winter and the summer. I won RI even get suveral at a time. When one would heal on my upper lip, I would get ans: ier on my bottom lip. I applied many topical products which would dry them, but only tern orarily. They would soon crack open and bleed. These were problems I thought I won A have to deal with the rest of my life. Millie, my wife had other health problems and 91 found beneficial results by taking GH3 which at that time was unavailable where we live. She went to a doctor in Nevada who willingly prescribed GH3, assuring her that there weren t any side effects. Although Millie s problems were not like mine, she wanted me to use it to just stay healthy. After reading H3 in the Battle Against Old Age, I was impressed enough to try GH3. Though I don t have any health problems other than those that I have mentioned, I did notice that I felt less stress and I had more energy after taking GH3. I waited for new cold sores to appear, but they didn t. My wife also noticed that the acne on my back cleared up. Since my father and uncles all became bald at an early age, I expected the same. Happily I report that I still have a good head of hair with a slight thinning in the back that is only noticeable to me and my barber. About 4 years ago, Ultimate 9 became available. My wife and I began taking it instead of GH3. We both liked it better than GH3. After each meal we take Vita-mins, C-Dophilus and Ultimate Mag Plus.

JOHN ALLAN Chicago, IL 60641

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Discover for yourself the wonderful therapeutic benefits of what thousands of people across the globe have already experienced from our Ultimate 9 therapeutic tablets... the opportunity to enjoy the tremendous energy and mood-boosting effects ascribed to Ultimate 9 can be yours, as well as the myriad of other benefits reported by its faithful users --


  • relief from arthritic
  • rheumatic pain
  • accelerated wound healing
  • stabilization of abnormal cholesterol
  • blood pressure levels
  • improved memory
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • youthful appearance


  • mental clarity - increase in creativity
  • sense of well-being
  • hair and nails grow stronger and faster
  • increase performance at work
  • helps reduce the effects of stress
  • Re-invigorate sexual function

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Ultimate 9 is always Lab Fresh each month @ Lab Direct Prices !

The patented process provides the *ONLY* 100% COMPLEXED Procaine HCl on the market.  

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