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Ultimate 9 Case Studies
Case Histories Section E


women  men  dogs  catsGrow younger with patented anti-aging formula Vitacel GH7 - Buy Lab Direct at  - Brain foods and foods for the cells, women health, men health, dog health, cat health,


 BELL S PALSY - GOUT March27, 1985 Dear Ron and Marcie:

Just want you to know the goodlexciting news about John. Two weeks after he began taking GH-3 (2-24-85), he started having facial movement return in his right side that had been paralyzed since last Thanksgiving. Even the test that the doctors ran in Wenatchee, showed that there would be no return! This is really a testimony for GH-3, since John was a bit skeptical (to say the least) about the validity of it s healing capabilities. In addition to this skepticism, he is not a "pill-taker" at all. But, he had become very discouraged with his facial paralysis and depressed about his condition, so he agreed to take two tablets a day. The only thing that the doctors had offered him was surgery that had no guarantees, only substantial risks, like permanent hearing impairment with questionable results. They couldn t give us any hopeful alternatives, either. Bell s Palsy has so many unknowns. The doctors had not ruled out the possibility of a tumor within the nerve, either. We are ever-so-grateful to GH-3! When John went back to the doctors last Friday, they were so excited with his improvement, they could hardly believe it was happening. John noticed improvement (slight) two weeks after he began taking two GH-3 tablets per day. The first movement came in the corner of his mouth when he smiled with his mouth closed. Then a slight frown was evident, next his cheek. There has been no great big overnight healing, but a gradual day-by-day improvement. Last week he thought the healing had stopped, but this week we can both see more improvement. The right side of his upper lip had been so droopy that when I was on this right side I could hardly understand him. I would have to ask him to turn toward me and repeat what he had said. Well, there has been a marked improvement. His lip is coming back to a normal position. Also, the whole side of his face from the corner of his lip to his cheekbone shows more movement; and best of all, he can even almost close his eye shut! Another wonderful benefit has been with his gout. He has taken a pill every day for his gout for the last four or five years. He stopped taking this pill the very day he began taking the GH-3 and he has not had even a twinge of pain; whereas before, if he missed two days with his medication the pain would begin to return. We are just waiting to see what other benefits John will experience!! Our oldest son, Joel, age 24, has started taking GH-3 to see what it will do for his asthma/allergies. The eczema has been so bad on his hands since last summer that he has totally lost all the top layer of skin on them TWICE. He has tried every cream, lotion, vitamin and prescription there is with only with a questionable result. His hands are so rough, they look like they are scared with a third degree burn. We talked to him last weekend and he said he had a slight improvement. He has been taking GH-3 for about two weeks. It certainly can t hurt him! Actually, if nothing else, I know it will benefit his general health. College seems to be quite stressful and taxing on one s physical health and nerves. We will keep you posted on our progress. I am looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting in April.

SUSAN C. HOBSON Moses Lake, WA 98837


January 23, 1983

For the past 20 years, I have had arthritis in my hands. Fortunately, the arthritis is confined to my hands only. During this period, the pain was up and down. I took medication when the pain was somewhat unbearable. I always managed to type since my livelihood was that of an executive secretary. Typing kept my fingers nimble. I played the organ and this, too, helped. In January 1981, the arthritis flared up as it had never done before. As the months went by, the condition became progressively worse. I was taking medication, but no amount changed the status of the condition. I feared the next type of medication would be cortisone which I will not take because of the side effects. My fingers were so painful that I couldn t type or play the organ for over one year. Just touching the keys on the organ or the typewriter with the pinkie on my left hand was painful to tears. The pain would shoot up all the way to the shoulder. By June 1, 1982, the pinkie on my left had was almost stiff. On June 1, 1982, I started taking GH-3. After two weeks, I noticed a tremendous difference in the pinkie, as well as the other fingers on both hands. After two (2) months on GH-3, my fingers were very flexible. I continue to take GH-3 and I have no pain in my hands whatsoever and no stiffness upon awakening in the morning. It s hard, at times, to believe that this is happening to me after some prolonged pain. I am most grateful to GH-3 and want to tell the whole world about it. For two (2) years, I have been taking a small dosage of medication for a "borderline" thyroid condition. The last thyroid check was in January, 1982 and I was to continue with the medicine.

For the record, when I started taking GH-3 on June 1, 1982, I stopped taking the medication for arthritis and thyroid. I wanted to fully test GH-3. On December 1, 1982, I had a routine checkup. When the laboratory report came in, I received a call from my doctor s nurse to "stop taking the thyroid medication - the condition is normal." Another aspect of GH-3 is that my energy level has never been higher - I m almost tireless! As you can see, I am using the typewriter again. I am also playing the organ once again. Another plus for GH-3 and Zell H-3. After taking the products for seven months, I notice I don t have callouses! I had been plagued for years with this pain and inconvenience.

MARY A. DUNHAM Sequim, Washington 98382


August 2, 1983

I started taking GH-3 last November, 1982. I had a goiter for seven years. The goiter was very noticeable, about the size of an egg. I quit going to doctors because they wanted to operate and take it out. After taking GH-3 for a couple of months, I noticed one day that the goiter was gone. I couldn t believe it! I didn t have that huge bump on my neck anymore. I also have had trouble with migraine headaches and hypoglycemia. Both have subsided a lot.

CAROL DeROSIER Everett, Washington 98205



My son, Ashok, fell down the stairs when he was three years old and sustained serious head injuries. As a direct result of that fall, he suffered many grand mal seizures daily. This went on for nineteen years. Medication was of little value and we grew more concerned with each passing day, with hopes that somewhere, some day, someone had the answer to his problem. My brother, Yogsch, who lives in Buffalo, N.Y. had been taking Ultimate 9 with excellent results and was kind enough to send some to us. Shortly after my son started taking Ultimate 9, he had one small seizure. I am most happy to report that he has not had any more seizures since. Ashok is twenty years old and had been taking Ultimate 9 for one and a half years. If you care to write or call you may do so. Due to the time change in your country and cost factor involved in placing an overseas call, you might want to confirm this letter with my brother, Yogsch, in Buffalo.



September 14, 1982

I started using GH-3 on July 10, 1982, after I had seen how it had helped my wife s heart condition and a friend s arthritis. I did not know in what way it might help me as I had had Polio when I was 16. It had affected all my muscles and left me with only a fraction of the strength I should have. From the Polio and a bad case of Pneumonia years ago, my chest had been tight and I coughed a lot, especially when I laid down. At night when I went to bed, I would cough five to ten minutes before I could clear my chest. The third night after I started GH-3, the coughing had stopped when I laid down. On the forth day of the five-day rest period, the cough returned, but left after I had taken the first tablet on my second month of use. At the end of the second month of use I went the full five days off GH-3 without coughing. I am now on my third month of GH-3. I have not felt any difference in the use of my muscles, but getting rid of that cough and having my chest free to breathe easier is sure worth the cost and, in time, I hope there will be other improvements. This testimony may be shown to others.



I ve been taking GH-3 since April 2, 1983, and feel I m over-due in sharing my story. I was introduced to GH-3 by my brother-in-law, Mr. Sam Jenkins. At first, I was the typical doubting "Tom." However, my health had gotten to the point I was willing to try anything I felt could truly be of help or relief. As a result, I tried GH-3, following is my story: During September, 1976,1 had experienced either a severe nervous breakdown or a mild stroke. I was 37 hears of age at that time. From then until 1983, I have been on medication for high blood pressure, asthma, and allergies; and I have taken five drugs to control these problems. It seems as my doctor had stated all drugs may treat the immediate problem. However, each drug may have a side effect. Permit me to address each of the above problems individually. HYPERTENSION - Treatment for this problem has been to take Oretic or Hydrochlorothiazide, once daily. After a time, it was discovered potassium was leaving my system too fast. So I began taking Klorvess "liquid potassium one tablet daily." Follow-up visits to the doctor revealed my blood pressure remained up and down, ranging from a

42 high of 160/102 to a low of 130/88. Both medications were increased to twice daily, still the blood pressure was not controlled. Catapres, a heart pill, was added to slow the heart. This seemed to help for a time. However, the up and down problem reoccurred. After 5 days of taking GH-3 I quit taking the heart pill but continued with the blood pressure medication, potassium, and GH-3. My next visit to the doctor revealed my blood pressure had dropped to 130/88, then 120/70, 130/82, never above an acceptable level for my age group. Since using GH-3, my blood pressure is now under control. I m convinced that in time I will be able to discontinue the blood pressure medication and the liquid potassium having replaced them with GH-3, with is not a drug. ALLERGIES - Like most people suffering with allergy problems, I ve been through every known test and treatment. Treatment included various drugs, shots for 4 1/2 years, nose sprays, you name it. All medications worked until I d build a tolerance to them and then I d be switched to yet another drug. Due to sneezing, running/weeping eyes and "polyps" in my nose, most of the time I feel miserable and tired due to anxiety and loss of sleep. I had been taking two to four CTM tablets daily which caused extreme tension and added stress. The day I started taking GH-3, I quit taking taking all allergy pills to see if the GH-3 would help. Relying on GH-3 alone, my allergies have remained under control and I sleep comfortably 6 to 8 hour every night. SINUSES - I have had sinus problems as long as I can remember and it seems over the years, the problem grew worse. Most nights, especially during the winter months, between allergies and sinuses, I could only sleep sitting up. I would go to bed and within an hour or so, I would be plugged-up in my nose and chest which would cause me to wake. I was using Dristan, Sine-Off, Cold-Ease, etc. to control the allergies and sinus, still, it would be necessary for me to sit up to sleep. I would sleep an hour or so, be awake two to three hours, sleep an hour, etc. This routine had gone on for so long, I was physically and mentally drained. The sinus headaches were frequent and severe. All of the drugs for this problem kept my blood pressure out of control. From the first day of using GH-3, I have not taken drugs of any kind for sinus. The headaches are gone and my sinus problem is non-existent. What a relief! Again restful, effective sleep.

STRESS/TENSION - I am employed as supervisor in the field of personnel management. I normally work 8 to 10 hours daily and occasionally 8 hours on Saturday. Being mental work within itself is stressful, however, my health problems compounded this situation. Since using GH-3, I ve sensed a relaxed, calm feeling. The stress factors are still there but I am now able to deal with the situation in a calm, matter-of-fact way.

ABSORPTION - The necessity of using all the drugs had upset my ability to absorb and utilize the needed nutrients from food and vitamins I was taking in. I had been defecating four and five times daily. It was suggested that I try ZELL H-3. After five days, the defecating decreased to twice daily and my energy level was much improved. After two weeks using Zell H-3, my absorption was back to normal.

BURSITIS-FUNGUS-MOLES - After using GH-3 for five months, I have noticed some secondary benefits. In January and June of each year I suffered from severe Bursitis in my back, shoulder and arms. The pain in my back was so severe at times I would walk bent over and with a shuffle. I could raise my arms no higher than straight out. My doctor said Cortisone shots would help but the thought of a shot directly into the bones convinced me I d live with the pain. Well, praise the Lord, since using GH-3, June has come and gone and no sign of Bursitis. Two years ago, I sought treatment to determine why all the toe nails on my left foot were rotting. I was told this was a fungus and

 I would need to take an internal medicine for at least one year to kill the fungus. The side effect of this medicine would be upset stomach. Since I was feeling so poorly, it was recommended I not try this. The problem progressed to where the toe nails on the right foot began rotting also. Two weeks ago, I noticed one toe nail on my left foot had grown back to normal, and all the toe nails on the right foot had cleared up to normal. So apparently GH-3 is solving this problem. I have noticed too the brown moles on my body seem to be drying up and are shedding. These benefits are all without drugs which cause side effects. AMAZING! In summary, thanks to GH-3 and Zell H-3, I feel like a new me. I now am ridding myself of drugs, stress, allergies and I have my sinus problems under control. I enjoy the benefit of restful, effective sleep. THANK GOD for Dr. Ana Aslan and her discovery GH-3.


EARL E. DAVIS Puyallup, Washington 98371

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