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Feeling Super GREAT, Energized and build Strong Immune System with Patented Vitacel GH7 or GH3 Special Formula - Brain and Body Cell Food!
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Feeling WELL
Increase Emotional Well Being and Immune Sytem with Patented Vitacel GH7 or GH3 Special Formula

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Brain Food and foods for the cells!



Ultimate 9 Case Studies
Case Histories Section H


women  men  dogs  catsGrow younger with patented anti-aging formula Vitacel GH7 - Buy Lab Direct at  - Brain foods and foods for the cells, women health, men health, dog health, cat health,



Poon, my 5 year old Chinese Shar Pei (the wrinkled puppy) has suffered from skin eruptions and allergies all of his life. His medical bills in one year were $2,000. His vet calls it an immune system problem. He had weekly shots, daily pills and ointment plus weekly baths. Last month, after reading about another pet using Ultimate 9,I started Poon on Ultimate 9 morning and night. Within a week, his scratching was subsiding. Within two weeks, his skin lesions were drying up and by the end of the month, his coat was filling in. He is on his rest week now and starting to itch again, so I am counting the days until he is back again on our "miracle pill".



I feel I had a pretty good vitamin program worked out for myself, but now with Ultimate 9 added in, I do feel much better. I had some arthritis starting to come into a finger in my left hand, even though I was taking fish oil. After only two and one half weeks, the arthritis was gone. My blood pressure has gone from 136 over 86 to 127 over 76. A pain in my right shoulder has lessened quite a bit. I get up early each morning and feel more refreshed. I have more energy all day long and I don t get hungry as often as I used to. Because of not getting hungry as much, I m losing weight without really trying.


WILLIAM C. BECK Fairless Hills, PA 19030


I have received great results from Ultimate 9 for the following conditions:

1 .Tic-Douloureux

2 .Bursitis


I also feel so much better otherwise and would not be without this special nutrient.



What I have to share with you is nothing short of an awakening! My sister, who has a brain injury from birth; my roommate, who has severe cerebral palsy; and myself, who suffers from arthritis, phlebitis, colitis and severe dermatitis (that I feel has progressed to psoriasis), as well as having had several bad back injuries, all began taking Ultimate 9 in February of 1988.

We all noted remarkable changes in our lives. We felt better in every way. We had more energy, needed less sleep, had no more bouts with depression, experienced no more pain from arthritis, and my phlebitis disappeared. I had no more bouts with colitis, and a bonus.., my hair started coming in black again!

Friends noted how much brighter my sister was and how well she was progressing. Indeed! She progressed from February to December through two complete developmental stages and is continuing to progress. We felt so good that it was easy to forget how rotten we had felt before Ultimate 9.

When money began to be short and we were scraping to be able to afford to move to a better location, we let ourselves off the Ultimate 9 and had been off it since December. Oh, what a mistake that was. Our move was the most horrible of all we could imagine. The stress was greater than it had ever been before. My roommate mentioned to me, "It s too bad we got off Ultimate 9!" Oh, how right she was. It was then that we realized how much we had given up when we let it go. We will never be without it again!

My roommate's balance improves and she had no more cramping of her muscles and no more pain from her arthritis. My sister did not complain of hurts either. The memory problem that my sister and my roommate had was greatly improved, and so was mine! I also had people who had not seen me for ages tell me how much younger I looked. And they had remembered me from six or so year ago! I know, now, that we will make sure we have Ultimate 9 on hand, always. God really blessed us when my friend introduced me to Ultimate 9;and we don't intend to be without those blessings again. We are sharing it with our neighbor s here in our new place, and we hope to see their success with Ultimate 9 too.

Thank you for marketing such a fine and wonderful product. I was sorry to learn that Dr. Ana Aslan, the discoverer of Gerovital H3 (GH3), the forerunner of Ultimate 9, had passed on. It would have been nice if she could have lived to see GH3 acclaimed, as well as l Ultimate 9 expanding on her formula. I believe that its true value should be known world-wide. I am very happy, however, that the demise of Dr. Ask has not inhibited our access to Ultimate 9. Thank you again.


ARDEN L. RAY Onalaska, WA 98570


Hi! My name is Mary Lou Clark. Something fantastic has happened to me and I wish to share the experience. On June 10, 1990, I was introduced to Ultimate 9. After taking it for only two short days, my life was changed forever for the better.

In that length of time, my hearing in my left ear was restored to me. It had been almost 10 years since I had heard anything very well due to a severe sinus condition. Oh, yes, the sinus condition is gone also. Even my energy level is extraordinary. By the way, my daughter tells me I m much easier to get along with now that my stress level has been reduced.

Thanks for taking time to read this. It could be the beginning of a new and better life for you. Write or call me and let me know.

MARY LOU CLARK Lenoir, North Carolina


My husband and I started taking Ultimate 9 two years ago upon the recommendation of a friend. At that time, I weighed 191 pounds and my husband weighed 225 pounds. I now weigh 167 and my husband weighs 180 pounds. This was done without dieting or any medication. Yes, we were a bit overweight but both of us look and feel great now.

Before taking Ultimate 9, my husband had a problem. There was a blood streaked discharge coming from his eye. I became worried and thought he should see a doctor, he didn t want to. With the continued use of Ultimate 9, the discharge stopped.

We both enjoy telling folks about this wonderful vitamin and what it has done for us.



I would like to tell others about my family s experience with Ultimate 9. I have been suffering from chronic back pain for many years from an injury sustained while training in the Armed Forces. I don t use any drugs at all. It wasn t till last November (1989) that I heard from my wife's friend, Pam Simms, about Ultimate 9. I was quite dubious about how it had helped others at first.

I suffer from degenerative osteoarthritis, disc wear and nerve pressure. I have a lot of pain in my neck, mid-back and lumbar area, which affects my left hip and leg. Only people who suffer this pain can appreciate how I feel! When a spasm occurs, I have to take to bed rest and/or walk around the home with crutches at times. This leads to some depression and anger on my part, an it is difficult for my wife and my son, Michael 4 years, and my daughter, Rachel 5 years. I am 52 ears old and have lived for years with the fear of being put in a wheelchair eventually.

Only a few days after I began using Ultimate 9, I noticed a tremendous difference that this started to put on my daily living. I know this may sound corny, but my crutches are now in the basement. , unused.  At first, I had a few spasms like a lightning bolt it would hit me. While feeling pain,it would eventually go away to the point that I could even weight-lift the same day.

My daughter, Rachel has a problem with her immune system and gets colds quite often. Her upper lip and nose would flare up and get red and crusty. Like many others, I thought I would put her on Ultimate 9, one a day for a week or so. Well, to my surprise, not only has this problem cleared up, but her personality has mellowed and she is more pleasant. She also sleeps better a longer. Whenever we notice the "sniffles" coming on, we give her Ultimate 9 and it clears it up. It also is helping her hair thicken and grow, as she was born with very fine and short hair, which a live years of age is not much longer than her brother Michael s hair. We have really noticed the difference, as it is quickly becoming thicker and growing longer.

My wife, Lesley, for many years has suffered from a 15-day menstrual period and has been quite anemic from this factor.  As well as being very, very miserable!  So I gave her a few Ultimate 9 for a week and her menstrual period stopped at six days! She is taking Ultimate 9 on a more regular basis and feel much better emotionally; and in time we can see improvement, as it is cleaning out her uterus and overall she is feeling better.

I have little if no pain now, as long as I take my Ultimate 9 regularly. I tell my people about Ultimate 9 product, as so many suffer from so many allergies, bad diet, pills and drugs. I just can t get over how much energy I have now and how it has helped our family.

At the time of this letter, Rachel has chicken pox, with only a dozen spots. People can t get over how well she is doing, as we are giving her Ultimate 9 every day to help fight this. We took her to the doctor yesterday and considering the minimal itching, she is doing well. I m sure Ultimate 9 is helping her.

In closing, I wish to thank Ultimate 9 and all the people I ve met at the seminars in the Vancouver, B.C. area for sharing their experiences and the zeal they show for the benefits they ve had by using the Ultimate 9 products.


Vancouver ,B.C. Canada phone **********

P.S. No back operation either!

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Discover for yourself the wonderful therapeutic benefits of what thousands of people across the globe have already experienced from our Ultimate 9 therapeutic tablets... the opportunity to enjoy the tremendous energy and mood-boosting effects ascribed to Ultimate 9 can be yours, as well as the myriad of other benefits reported by its faithful users --


  • relief from arthritic
  • rheumatic pain
  • accelerated wound healing
  • stabilization of abnormal cholesterol
  • blood pressure levels
  • improved memory
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • youthful appearance


  • mental clarity - increase in creativity
  • sense of well-being
  • hair and nails grow stronger and faster
  • increase performance at work
  • helps reduce the effects of stress
  • Re-invigorate sexual function

IMPROVE Emotional and Sense Of Well-Being with GH7!

Advance Formula ULTIMATE 9 Patented process PROTECTED from copy-cats with over $100,000 in US and International Patents!   ONLY the GENUINE ULTIMATE 9 FORMULAS with the AMAZING PATENTED PROCESS carries the patented numbers on each label.     U.S. Patents Nos.  5,162,344, 5,283,258, .5,283,068, 5,254,686 and Foreign patents  AUSTRALIAN Patent Nos. 332917, 046241   CANADIAN Patent No. 2,012,021.


Ultimate 9 is always Lab Fresh each month @ Lab Direct Prices !

The patented process provides the *ONLY* 100% COMPLEXED Procaine HCl on the market.  

GH7 is EFFECTIVE, SAFE and NON-TOXIC.  GH7 goes to work on your cells within 20 minutes!


Patented Vitacel GH7 - Buy Lab Direct at



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