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Increase Emotional Well Being and Immune Sytem with Patented Vitacel GH7 or GH3 Special Formula

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Ultimate 9 Case Studies
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I was waiting for my typewriter to be fixed, as I have writer s cramp so bad in my left that I couldn t hold a pen for more than this much already. After taking the Ultimate 9 for one month, the cramping is ever so much better and I find I can write this. I am 40 years old and have suffered horribly from very intense hay-fever every summer, spring and fall since 3rd grade. Often times having days when I was too overcome to even move off the couch much on high pollen days. I d be exhausted in the mornings after tossing fitfully at nights, my eyes and nose running constantly and many times a day sneezing 50 times in one bout. Any drug I ever used for relief from this suffering both over-the-counter and prescription (I must have tried a dozen and a half different ones over the years) made me too drowsy to stay awake, and dried my sinuses up like a desert.

When I heard about Ultimate 9 from a friend, I was ready to try anything, especially something that was not a drug and promised no side effects. I ordered it the very first day I heard about it and eagerly waited the two weeks in early May, suffering horribly already. On Mother s Day I was still waiting and I was suffering in a closed-up house, unable even to find it worthwhile to face more misery and go to my own Mother s Day picnic or move around too much without going into paroxysms of sneezing. I mostly lay on the couch that day. The product came on Tuesday, May 12. I ll never forget that day. I ve marked it on my calendar. I took one tablet. This was at 2:30 p.m. Within 1 hour all of my symptoms stopped! Did you read that? As I read it my own self I think it sounds unbelievable. Within 1 hour my symptoms were all gone, never to return to this present hour! Praise the Lord!

It s like being released from a living nightmare of a lifetime all in one hour. I can breathe, I don t sneeze. The horrible itching of my eyeballs, inner ears, mouth and lungs is gone. My eyes don t water. And this dry, dry hot year in Minneapolis has been so bad the 58 pollen count is sky-high. A lot of people who are only slightly bothered usually are really bothered this year and I don t suffer at all! I m sitting here in front of an open door, with a good pollen-laden breeze blowing on me. My hand is just now beginning to bother me, but that improvement is great. I ll cut this off soon, but before, I d have had to lay the pen down after one sentence. That s why I normally type everything.

I have a couple of other s people s testimonies I ll send as soon as I get my typewriter back, but I want to use my hand to tell the rest of mine. My ankles are no longer puffy in this heat. I have much more energy. I m no longer exhausted when I get up in the morning. I feel like getting up. The skin on my face is much smoother and my complexion is much clearer and finer. I have a scar here and there on my body and they are about half what they were. My digestion is much improved. No more terrible gas pains. Had NO monthly cramps last month! Hooray for that! And I wasn t crabby either, come to think of it. I had quite a network of spider veins at each knee and they are about half.



On December 30, 1988,1 started taking Ultimate 9. I was having lots of pain in my lower back, knees, ankles, elbows, wrists and shoulders. I could only sleep about 2 hours at night because of the pain. The rest of the night I tossed and turned trying to relieve the pain, but it persisted. Within the first 2 weeks of taking Ultimate 9,1 was much relieved and sleeping much better. Now I sleep all night with no pain. (May 1989) I also used to be plagued with hay-fever every spring.

This year I didn t have it. I also have more energy and just feel better generally and the constipation which had bothered me all my life is much improved. I am 56 and feel much younger since Ultimate 9. My husband, Ken, started taking Ultimate 9 about 2 weeks after I did. He had a knee and a hip that were giving him lots of pain and was stiffening up on him after exercising. He is much improved and sleeping better at night also.

We would both recommend this wonderful supplement to anyone. We d be happy to talk to anyone about it.

KEN & EVELYN CAUSEY Pahrump, Nevada 89041 


I was feeling miserable with a sore throat and a cold that had lasted 30 days and didn t seem to be getting any better. I ordered Ultimate 9 and when it arrived, immediately started to use it. In 2 days, the sore throat and cold were gone and I was feeling much better. Pleasantly surprised with the general feeling of well being that I was now experiencing, I asked my husband to try Ultimate 9. He had bleeding ulcerative colitis and it was not getting any better, plus it was costing him $78.00 per week for medication. He had sustained a sports injury which stretched and damaged the cartilage in his knees and they had to be operated on. There was some nerve damage to his elbow which added to his discomfort.

While in the hospital, his knee was suspended in the air for 7 days as the doctor went away. He was now left with a stiff leg. With much force and pain he could bend it slightly. Today he is not bothered with any more pain and is able to bend and use the leg that once was stiff. The ulcerative colitis is gone and we continue to enjoy good health and use Ultimate 9 faithfully.

MRS. CAROL STEWARD Anderson, Nevada 89015 


Although I didn t realize it at the time, my introduction to Ultimate 9 was the luckiest day of my life. Little did I know or anticipate the results that were in store for me. Six months ago I ordered Ultimate 9 after reading and hearing about others experiencing an improved quality of health after using this special vitamin. No one had anything negative to say after using it and I hoped to find benefits also.

I waited for the good results, but to my amazement, instead of feeling better, I felt worse and almost discontinued using Ultimate 9. I knew that sometimes you feel worse before getting better and I hoped that was what was happening to me. This feeling lasted for almost two months and then gradually I started to see an improvement.

My knees that had pained me for years and made going up and down the stairs almost unbearable were not giving me any discomfort. The Arthritic pain was gone. Indigestion was a problem and kept me awake most of the night. Sleep would have been impossible without Tums. One day my wife brought to my attention that the drawer still contained plenty of Tums and that I wasn t using them anymore. I hadn t noticed!

The real shocker came when people noticed hair growing in the bald spot that I had had for years. I couldn t see it, but after more people noticed I looked and yes, they were right, it was growing in. Today it is completely filled in and all this in just 6 months.

LONNIE NEUSOM Duluth, GA 30136 


August 25, 1989 Aloha!

It has been about 3 weeks since my family has started taking Ultimate 9. There are so many things I want to share with you about how this vitamin nutrient has worked for us. Having had active, healthy grandparents for as long as I can remember, I guess I sort of took it for granted that they would always be that way.

Well, in the past 4 years, things just started to go downhill for them. I ve been taking care of them since February of this year and these are the improvements they ve made so far:

ENDURANCE - Grandma has a hard time walking even with a walker so we put her on a treadmill so she ll get some exercise instead of sitting or riding around all day. Before Ultimate 9, after 2 minutes, she d want to get off saying that she was sore and she was going to cry, etc, etc. After 1 day on Ultimate 9, she was able to go for 10 minutes without any complaints. She even walked down the hallway without her walker, singing!

MUSCLE STRENGTH - Grandma s back and stomach muscles were really shot. Things like getting her out of bed, putting her in or out of the car and even taking a bath on a special chair was quite difficult as she would always say, "I cannot" or "I m falling." Now she s able to hold herself enough so she can get out of bed by herself, get into the car and take a bath with less help.

DISPOSITION - Her attitude is happier now. She smiles more and laughs more. When she does have pain at night, she s very apologetic whereas before, she d be screaming or yel}ing to no end accusing me of awful things.

FEELING WARMTH - For the first time since I ve been taking care of her, she can feel warmth. She used to always be cold, always wearing long sleeves and a long jacket even in oui tropical weather while everyone else is perspiring! Now she says that she s warm, ~he wears short sleeves and she perspires. The other night when my mom felt chilly because of the cool night air and asked her to roll the car window up, she replied, "I m no longer cold."

GRAY HAIR TURNING DARK - Both Grandma and Grandpa have dark hair now where I know wasn t there prior to Ultimate 9. Grandma s eyebrows are all dark now when they used to be all gray and Grandpa s bush eyebrows are half dark when they too used to be all gray.

DISCOLORING OF FEET & CALVES - Both their feet and half of their calves had become a black purplish color. Doctors had said there was nothing that could be done. Their fcc t and calves are slowly becoming their natural color, the back purplish color has left and v o a can see shades of pink coming through.

ARTHRITIS - Grandma can open and close her hands without difficulty now making it ea<c~ to play the ukulele! MORE ENERGY - Having four children under eight years of age and now two grandpa cuts to care for, I need all the energy I can get. Thanks to Ultimate 9 I can get through the day without dragging through it. I even feel good after exercising whereas before I would exercise for one hour and then sleep for three to recuperate!

WEIGHT LOSS - So far I ve lost 7 pounds. My appetite has decreased and I exercise more because I feel more energetic. Believe me I m not complaining!

LIGHTER MENSTRUAL FLOW - My periods were very heavy before, so much so that I wa ~ anemic because of all the blood I d loose. Now it s as if time has turned back 61 to when I was a teenager. Although the pain was still there, I felt that in time my body will be free of that also since I never experienced pain with my periods until after the birth of my fourth child three years ago.

TICKS & FLEAS - Not me, my dog! Every time I d wash him, being an outside dog, he d have ticks and fleas galore! Well, after only one tablet, I washed him and found maybe 5 ticks and 4 fleas all dead! Now I ve also been giving him brewer s yeast which someone told me would keep the ticks and fleas away. Although it had not worked on him, I just kept giving it to him hoping one day it might. So whether it was Ultimate 9 alone or Ultimate 9opening up the cells so it could now take in the brewer s yeast, I don t know. But I do know this could never have happened without Ultimate 9! Are we excited about it? You bet.

Things that our family lived with for years began to reverse itself within a few weeks. Even if it took a few months, it would still be worth every cent a hundred times over! You ll never know unless you try it for yourself and see what it can do for you and your loved ones. I d be happy to talk to anyone concerning my experiences as I d only be too happy to help. Here s to your great health!!!!

GREGORINNE K. CHUNG Kaulua, HI 96734 phone 


Having enjoyed good health most of my life, I was totally surprised one day to realize all was not well. I first recognized that something was wrong one day when I tried to pour coffee into my cup. My hand shook and it spilled. I thought perhaps I was just tired and hoped that it wouldn t happen again.

One day while having dinner with family members, I raised my wine glass to drink and again, the spilling occurred. It was decided then that a doctor s examination was necessary. Upon examination, the doctor said it appeared to Parkinson s Disease. To be sure, he recommended testing. The tests confirmed his diagnosis, it was Parkinson s. No need to tell you how I felt upon hearing the bad news.

The doctor tried to cheer me up by saying other diseases are worse and with proper drugs I could live with it. I tried and the side effects weren t pleasant. I attended a lecture on nutrition and how it relates to aging. Ultimate 9 was mentioned and I heard others tell of the excellent benefits they received after using this vitamin product and I decided to order.

The first week I didn t do too well. Perhaps because I failed to take it on an empty stomach. I increased it from 2 a day to 4 a day. Eight weeks later I was able to shave without cutting myself. The tremors stopped. Today, I am a new person thanks to Ultimate 9. I am 70 years old and a romance has blossomed in my life. By the way, one of the nicest benefits was the restoration of my libido.

FRED S. TURNEY Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 


A very exciting thing has happened to me, and I am so pleased that I want to share it with others..., hence this letter. Like everyone else that is "getting older," I (at age 63) had begun to experience those signs of aging..., mostly little things. But during the past year, my blood pressure had shot up and for a number of months, my arms felt like they were weighted down with lead and I was extremely tired by late afternoon.

I started having headaches daily and my head seemed to be "under pressure." I guess this was related to the high blood pressure. I saw my doctor and he started me on medication. A few weeks later, while I was still having all these symptoms, a friend told me about GH-3 (discovered by a doctor in Romania 40 years ago, well-researched, tested, and harmless to the body) that brought about a rejuvenation at the cellular level. And because of that benefit, many people experienced unexpected relief from other ailments. I care about the quality of my health, so I decided to try it.

WOW!! In the first 24 hours, I noticed a marked decrease in my "tired feeling." In a few days, it had disappeared completely. My headaches immediately ceased, and in about two weeks, the "leaden feeling" in my arms was gone. In the following weeks, I noticed other improvements, too. My fingernails, which had been brittle and split easily, were smooth, flexible and strong. The cuticles, too, had improved. My skin was smoother. When I now try t lie "5 second pinch test" on the back of my hand, the resulting ridge is gone in about 3 seconds! I no longer have occasional mouth ulcers and I sleep soundly. My blood pressure is almost back to normal and I have not been on the medication for the past four weeks. Even though I have been taking GH-3 and Ultimate 9 for less than 3 months, overall feeling and outlook is remarkable. I have written down every single "irregularity" that I have (fro i age spots to athletes foot) to see if they disappear over months to come.

Recently, I had read a best seller "Life Extension" (Warner Books) that makes mention of GH-3, and states that aside from accidents, there is no reason why we should not live at least 120 years in good health. Our bodies are made to do that. But due to our eating habits, toxins, air and water contaminants, our body cells suffer from a slow poisoning that 1 ads to cell deterioration and early "old age." This invites a host of serious aliment, cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart attacks, arthritis, etc. because our cells and immune systems are "too sick" to fight off invaders. This surely "fits" with what I have learned about GH-3! All of my parents and aunts, uncles and grandparents died of cancer (my mother at age 49). That leaves a gloom on my own future, but now after taking GH-3 and living sei. ely, I have no worries about it.

NED TUi ZER Germantwn, TN 38138



January 16, 1984 I became very ill in November of 1982. I went to the doctor and he did not find anything wrong with me. In December, I went to the hospital after going to the doctor one or more times. They gave me a CAT scan and found nothing. I had lots of medication in the hospital. I guess they thought I was going to die, so they must have given me lots. On the 29th of December, a doctor who was called in on the case found a carcinoma. I had cardiac arrest twice on December 29th, plus an operation with an incision 7 inches deep and 5 inches long. I wound up in the cardiac care unit with a temperature of 109.6, no blood pressure, and no pulse.

I don t remember anything from the 19th of December until the middle of January, 1983. I came home and I knew that I was living on borrowed time. I took the drugs they gave me and felt that at anytime I could be gone. In February, 1983, Weston Robinson, a friend of ours, came to visit and saw how sick I was, and he gave me some GH-3 and Zell H-3. I took it, but all hope was gone by now. After three days on the GH-3 and Zell H-3, I had quit taking the drugs, and in 11 days, I had improved 100%.

Thank God for Margaret and Weston Robinson and GH-3. I know a miracle happened because of their belief in GH-3 and bringing it to me. I m getting better every day. I also had a very high cholesterol level and now I do not have it.

Thanks so very much!

MARY JANE JELWK Everett, Washington 98206 phone 


As a health-conscious person and someone who practices life extension techniques through large doses of vitamins and minerals, I had to try Ultimate 9 as a preventative, rather than a cure. It sounded too good to be true, but at the same time it made sense.

Well, I am happy to report that the most noticeable effect is the complete disappearance of two warts on my left hand which I have had for about five years. The first week of taking Ultimate 9 (two tablets in the morning, and two before dinner), I noticed that the pain to touch in these warts had receded. By the third week no pain at all, and the warts were getting smaller. By the fifth week, both were completely vanished.

I didn t expect any noticeable results so soon, but was I surprised! I am continuing to take the Ultimate 9 because I believe it works! Even though I am in good shape at 36, I feel I can always be better.

REGIS HAMPTON Tampa, FL 33625 

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Discover for yourself the wonderful therapeutic benefits of what thousands of people across the globe have already experienced from our Ultimate 9 therapeutic tablets... the opportunity to enjoy the tremendous energy and mood-boosting effects ascribed to Ultimate 9 can be yours, as well as the myriad of other benefits reported by its faithful users --


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  • rheumatic pain
  • accelerated wound healing
  • stabilization of abnormal cholesterol
  • blood pressure levels
  • improved memory
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • youthful appearance


  • mental clarity - increase in creativity
  • sense of well-being
  • hair and nails grow stronger and faster
  • increase performance at work
  • helps reduce the effects of stress
  • Re-invigorate sexual function

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