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Information on this page:
4) Publications About GH3
Ultimate9 Customers SUCCESS with hair regrowth- hair loss, balding and Alopecia reversed
6) See "before and after" pics of a 9 year case study on Ultimate 9 for Enhancing -Exercising, Health and Cellular Anti-Aging

Dr. Ana Aslan, M.D. spent 5 years researching and testing Gerovital GH-3 procaine as an anti-aging formula before announcing her findings in 1956. The test results were positive. GH3 worked. One year later after more tests proved without a doubt that GH3 is effective, Dr. Ana Aslan's findings were being tested by various countries around the world (GH-3, Will It Keep You Young Longer?", Herbert Bailey, Page 5). Today GH3 can be sold over the counter in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland and many other highly progressive countries--over 70 in all.

Dr. Ana Aslan told me that the tablets were more effective in parts of the body other than the brain and central nervous system. GH-3 in tablet form apparently works better in the intestines to synthesize folic acid, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B-12, partly as a result of the breakdown of GH3 into PABA and DEAE.

Both oral and injectable forms of GH3 pass the blood-brain barrier. Injectables enter the blood stream within seconds and are in the brain within half a minute. The therapeutic effect is exerted on the brain and central nervous system, and only later follows the circuitous path in various organs and tissues. ("GH3," Herbert Bailey, Page 109).


Brain foods and foods for the cells, women health, men health, dog health, cat health, Patented GH7
Achillian Ultimate-9


US and Foreign Patents

There are few substances on the market today which have undergone as much scientific testing as GH3. There are even fewer which have shown a comparable amount of positive results. Leading researchers have shown that GH3 is the safest and most effective anti-depressant ever tested. Dr. Nathan Kline, M.D., associate professor at Columbia University of Physicians and Surgeons made a study on the safety of GH3. Kline gave both humans and rats up to 60 times the optimum dose of GH3. Neither the rats nor the humans experienced any side effects. (GH3 Discovery, Jerome Godin, Pages 27 and 36).

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ARMED WITH KNOWLEDGE, you will be able to avoid tremendous disappointments experienced by customers over the years who thought they were purchasing the real, scientifically tested GH3 developed originally by Dr. Ana Aslan, M.D.


Being armed with knowledge about any product you take, can save heartache in the future. For a classic example of fake GH3, which has fooled thousands of people, and how they are fooled, read this. . .

For years, another company has sent glossy, well designed mailings discussing Ana Aslan M.D.s, extraordinary work with GH3. Their mailings, which are sent to thousands of unsuspecting people each month, often showing photographs of people growing hair, statements on 'miracle healings,' and fancy packaging.

They claim their GH3, in one such mailing, is '50 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE' than the scientifically researched GH3. Then this company charges nearly twice our prices for their 'advanced' GH3 formula. Their sophisticated mailings sound wonderful to trusting people, who don't realize what ingredients are in real GH3.

The other company's mailings have fooled even American Doctors. The other company's, product is not GH3, nor even remotely GH3 because their product does not contain Procaine Hydrochloride, the active GH3 ingredient.  Customers are led to believe they are buying real GH3 when in reality, the fake formula is only common vitamins and minerals. 

There's more to this than just mixing in procaine hcl... and why just by having the procaine hcl mixed in with other powders is not enough to have an effective gh3 formula

Ultimate9 a liquid Procaine solution in a capsule form longer!
The patented compounding and bonding process of formulating the Ultimate9 complex can take up to 3 days from start to capsules.


Procaine Hydrochloride was first synthesized in 1905 by a German chemist Albert Einhorn.  He was looking for a compound that would act as an anesthetic, would be non-toxic, free of side effects, and would not be addictive. 

Dr. Einhorn was looking for a compound that could replace cocaine as an anesthetic.  Cocaine was being used at the time as an anesthetic.  However, because cocaine was toxic, addictive, and destructive to the central nervous system, its use was being outlawed. 

Dr. Einhorn was able to produce a compound that demonstrated the properties he was looking for.  This new compound he named procaine.  "Pro" means, in place of, and "caine" comes from the word cocaine.  Because of the similarity of the names and because they are both anesthetics, there is much confusion as to the nature of procaine. 

Procaine when injected into the muscles acts as an anesthetic but when taken orally in a complexed form procaine acts as a vitamin.  Procaine HCl solutions, used as anesthetics, are trade named Novocaine.

Chemically procaine is the PABA ester of amino alcohol DEAE.  PABA (p-amino-benzoic acid) is a "B" vitamin.  DEAE, (n,n diethylaminoethanol) is biologically active precursor of the "B" vitamin choline. (Fig. 1) 

Procaine is usually used in the form of the hydrochloride salt (procaine HCl) because it is highly water-soluble.  Procaine hydrochloride, when taken orally, enters the body by being mainly absorbed through the villi in the small intestine. 

Experiments show that the bulk of the procaine HCl enters the bloodstream molecularly intact.  In the blood stream procaine HCl is rapidly hydrolyzed by the enzyme pseudo-cholinesterase into PABA and DEAE the two components of the procaine molecule.  These metabolites are removed by the liver, chemically changed, and excreted in the urine.

In the late 1940's Dr. Ana Aslan a Romanian cardiologist found that adding a small amount of benzoic acid to the procaine solution stabilized some of the procaine enough to protect it from the blood enzymes. 

This protected procaine, which Dr. Aslan named Gerovital H3 or GH-3 was found to be very helpful in supplying PABA and DEAE to damaged and or diseased cells.  Ana Aslan named the procaine vitamin H-3.  GH-3 is listed under H-3 in the Merck index.

Procaine HCl when combined with biologically active acids (1) such as folic acid, biotin, ascorbic acid, pantothenic acid, citric acid and many other acids such as amino acids etc. acts as a vitamin or food supplement.  The vitamin acids and other biologically active acids when complexed with the procaine HCl molecule protect the procaine from the enzymes in the blood allowing the procaine to enter the cells. 

These vitamin complexes help the cells assimilate and utilize nutrients more efficiently.  These complexed procaine compounds named Achillian Ultimate-9.

Procaine HCl (procaine hydrochloride) is the active ingredient in Dr Aslan's Gerovital H3 (GH-3) and Achillian Ultimate-9.

Procaine HCl is broken down rapidly by enzymes in the blood stream into PABA and DEAE.  The PABA and DEAE are rapidly conjugated and removed from the blood and excreted from the body.  Because of this procaine HCl and its breakdown products (metabolites) are unable to get into the cells in any great quantity to produce benefits.  Procaine HCl will produce some benefits by itself, but they are very limited. 


Dr. Kosh's patented process, procaine hcl, Procaine HCl, PABA,

However when procaine HCl is complexed properly (1) the procaine HCl is protected from the action of the enzymes in the blood and tissues this protection gives the procaine enough time to be transferred into the cells of the body where it helps the cells to rebuild, repair, and detoxify.  This action of the procaine HCl complex is responsible for the remarkable improvements in health that result from the use of GH-3 and the Achillian Ultimate 9.

Many companies claim to make GH-3.  Based on my testing the only GH-3 procaine HCl based products that contain the active GH- factor or properly complexed procaine HCl are Ana Aslan's injectable GH-3 and Ultimate9

Some companies are totally fraudulent in their claims quoting Ana Aslan case studies and my case studies and research to validate their products, which contain no procaine HCl, or its complexes. 

Their products contain PABA and DMAE which they claim produce procaine in the body.  This is false because procaine contains no DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol).  In fact the DMAE when it enters the cells of the body is broken down and is oxidized producing by products (metabolites) that are damaging and toxic to the cells (i.e. formaldehyde and methyl alcohol).  Whereas the DEAE (diethylaminoethanol) from the procaine HCl breaks down in the cells and is oxidized producing acetyl groups that are very valuable for producing acetylcholine and other materials necessary for cellular health.

Other companies produce GH-3 and similar products that contain procaine HCl and the other ingredients necessary to make GH-3 and Achillian Ultimate9 and list them on their labels but they do not have a valid product.  They mix the dry ingredients together and tablet them or put them in capsules without first forming the procaine complexes. Take the example of making the candy called fudge. 

Fudge contains sugar, cocoa, condensed milk, butter and a pinch of salt.  If you mix all these together you have the correct formula but you only have a gritty cocoa in canned milk with a chunk of butter far from being Fudge.  However if you cook the ingredients to the soft ball stage and then allow it to cool, then beat it properly to the right crystalline structure you end up with a delicious delight called fudge.

The procaine HCl complexes must be formed or the product won't be very effective in helping cells heal and overcome their problems. 

Effective procaine products in tablets or capsules containing complexed procaine will show on the labels not only the correct ingredients but they will also show the patent numbers (1) of the process for forming the complexes of procaine found in Achillian Ultimate-9.

(1) U.S. Patent Nos.  5,283,258, 5,254,686, 5,283,068, 5162,344. Australian patent Nos. 332917, 046241  Canadian patent No. 2,012,021

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Ultimate-9 with 100 mg of *complexed* Procaine HCl per *capsule* -- 60 capsuless per bottle!  *  U.S. Patents Nos.  5,162,344, 5,283,258, .5,283,068, 5,254,686 and Foreign patents  AUSTRALIAN Patent Nos. 332917, 046241     CANADIAN Patent No. 2,012,021.


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Development of Ultimate9  Complexed -Vs- Non-Complexed Procaine HCl (mixed powered sugar coated GH3 pills).

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Publications About GH3 


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11) "Dr. Aslan and GH3," Denver Newsletter, October, 1977
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1)"GH3", a comprehensive history study of GH3 by medical investigative journalist, Herbert Bailey. A Bantam Book (ISBN 0-553-14460-X) Bantam Books, Inc., New York. (Or write directly to Mr. Herbert Bailey, P.O. Box 636, Sandy Hook, CT 06482. Or contact Bantam Books, New York.

2)"GEROVITAL H3". by Dr. Ana Aslan, M.D., Phoenix Creation Ltd., 810 West Broadway, Suite 396, Vancouver, B.C. V5Z1J8




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